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Migrating with MYOB Adapt

MYOB Adapt simplifies migrations to MYOB Advanced from on-premise MYOB solutions.

With MYOB Adapt, you’ll save time at all stages of a migration. When getting ready, you no longer need to manually prepare templates or datasheets – MYOB Adapt exports data for you automatically. When working on your customer’s data, you can review and edit it in bulk.

MYOB Adapt is a server-based tool that keeps your customers' data more secure than it would be during a manual migration. Plus, you can control who’s permitted to access to work on a migration.

Using MYOB Adapt

There are three components to MYOB Adapt that you'll use for different parts of a migration: the Adapt online portal, Adapt Uploader and Adapt Desktop.

This video gives an overview of how you’ll use MYOB Adapt.

For detailed instructions, see our online help pages.

Got feedback?

We're constantly improving MYOB Adapt. If you've got feedback, submit your ideas to the ideas portal.

To report an issue, raise a case in Phoenix with Class ID "Advanced Business" and Area "Adapt".

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