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Troubleshooting Adapt Desktop

This page describes some issues you might come across in MYOB Adapt Desktop and how to resolve them.

Error: “Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes”

To avoid this issue, make sure that all payment types are available in MYOB Advanced before uploading employees and employee banking details.

Missing payroll data in Adapt Desktop

If there are no rows of data for some progress items, like Superannuation Funds or Employees, that means an issue occurred when extracting data with Adapt Uploader.

You can resolve the issue of missing data by rebuilding the staging database, then re-extracting the data with Adapt Uploader.

  1. Log in to the MYOB Adapt online portal.

  2. On the Customers screen, click the customer whose migration is missing data.

  3. On the Edit Customer screen, click the migration that's missing data.

  4. On the Edit Migration screen, click Rebuild Staging Database.

  5. Read the warning message and click OK.

  6. Log in to Adapt Uploader.

  7. Re-extract your customer's data.
    After re-extracting, all of your customer's data is available to work on in Adapt Desktop.

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