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MYOB Adapt simplifies migrations to MYOB Advanced from desktop payroll and ERP solutions. Here are some common questions about what it's capable of and how you can use it.


Which products can I migrate with Adapt?

Check our supported products page.

Can I set up the API user with a limited API licence?

Yes, you can.

Where is the data in the staging tables stored?

Data is stored securely in MYOB servers.

Can I migrate multiple databases to a single Advanced site?

Not at the moment, but you'll be able to do this in a future release.

Is there help for MYOB Adapt?

Yes, there are online help pages that take you step-by-step through an MYOB Adapt migration.

For further help, raise a case in Phoenix.

Can I give feedback about MYOB Adapt?

Yes, we'd love to hear your ideas! Go to the Digital Transformation section of the ideas portal, and submit ideas for the specific product you're migrating from:

  • Exo Business to MYOB Advanced Business

  • Exo ES to MYOB Advanced Payroll.

How do I report an issue?

Raise a case in Phoenix with Class ID "Advanced Business" and Area "Adapt".

Can I give feedback on MYOB Adapt?

Yes, we’d love your feedback! You can submit your ideas to the ideas portal.

How do I reset my online portal password?

See the troubleshooting section of Setting up a migration in the online portal.


Can I migrate a customer with multiple companies?

No. Currently, you can only use MYOB Adapt to migrate customers with a single company.

Can I migrate a customer with international employees?

No. Currently, you can only migrate a customer with employees who are paid in the Australian dollar (AUD) or the New Zealand dollar (NZD).

Can I migrate a customer that uses the BMS identifier for Single Touch Payroll?

No. Currently, MYOB Adapt doesn't support the BMS identifier in the Single Touch Payroll workflow. You have to set these values to zero in MYOB Exo Employer Services Australia before migrating the customer.

What payroll data can I migrate?

Exo Employer Services

Static data

Can be migrated with Adapt


New Zealand

Pay groups

Pay items




Pay details

Pay distribution

Employee pay groups


Superannuation funds



Pay details – Tax file number


Pay details – IRD number


Pay rates1

Standard pays

Remove migration standard pay items


Employee banking

General ledger purposes 

Pay item rollups 


Multiple wage hourly rates

Family domestic violence leave – entitlement and pay item changes




Employee day of week


Posting classes/posting class accounts 

Coming soon

Leave accrual

Coming soon

Coming soon

Dynamic data

Can be migrated with Adapt


New Zealand

Entitlement Adjustment Details

Entitlement Adjustments



Leave accrual

Pay History Details


Pay History2


Pay History for Pay Groups


Pay History-Pay Groups


Pay Details-Distribution Other


Pay Details-Distribution Final


Pay History for terminated employee


  1. Only pay rates used in a standard pay are migrated. In a future version, you'll be able to migrate more pay rates.

  2. For New Zealand sites, 52 weeks of payroll history is included in the dynamic data.

What's the difference between static data and dynamic data?

Static data are things like reference data, pay items, etc. that don't change after a pay run. Dynamic data are things like entitlement adjustments, pay history, etc. that do change after a pay run.

When migrating, you can start by migrating static data. Then, when you're ready to make the migrated site live, you can migrate dynamic data. This makes it easier to test the migration data.

Can I migrate data into MYOB Advanced Workforce Management?

Not at the moment. Currently, all payroll data is migrated into a single MYOB Advanced Payroll database.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Can I migrate companies with a multiple price structure?

No, you can only use MYOB Adapt to migrate a company with a standard sell price.

What ERP data can I migrate?

MYOB Exo Business

Data type

Can be migrated with Adapt

Chart of accounts

GL opening balances details

GL batches

Customer classes

Active customers

Supplier classes


Item classes

Stock items

Sub accounts – GL batches and opening balances

Non-stock items

Stock opening balances

Sales orders – open and partially processed

Supplier invoices – open and partially processed


Credit terms

Extra fields/attributes

Kits and stock items for kits

Multi company databases

Coming soon

MYOB Exo Job Costing

Coming soon

Which MYOB Exo Business modules can I migrate?

You can migrate core financial and inventory data. Job Costing and other modules will be added in the future.

Are customer contacts migrated?


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