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2023.2.1 Adapt release notes – September 2023

Adapt online portal

  • Previously, if you added a migration without any MYOB Advanced connection details, you'd get an unhelpful error message. Now, the error message better explains what went wrong. This improvement applies to both the Adapt online portal and Adapt Desktop.

  • When setting up a new migration or saving changes to an existing one, a message now pops up to let you know that everything saved successfully.

  • We've fixed issues that prevented passwords from being saved on the Edit Migration page.

Adapt Desktop


  • For new migrations, the Config progress item now has a Purpose column in the Item Data tab. This column describes what the data is used for in MYOB Advanced. The Purpose column isn't available for existing migrations.

  • We've updated the menu item names for the Find/Replace menu, making the difference between the two menu items more obvious.

  • When you duplicate a row in the item data table, the new row is now automatically highlighted. This saves you the hassle of having to scroll through the table to find the new row.

  • We've resolved an issue that prevented you from using Find/Replace to change dates.

ERP migrations

  • We've made it easier to avoid an error that can occur when uploading suppliers to MYOB Advanced: "Another process has added the 'Vendor' record. Your changes will be lost. Operation failed". This can happen because MYOB Advanced doesn't allow customers and suppliers to have the same ID. To help prevent the error, the pre-migration checklist now checks for duplicate IDs.

  • The pre-migration checklist now checks for stock items, as well as lines related to those stock items: sales order, purchase order, kit inventory and kit lines.

Payroll migrations

  • Previously, you had to enter the Pay History Start Date using a combination of numbers and letters, e.g. 1-Jan-2022. To avoid confusion, you now enter the date only using numbers, e.g. 1-1-2022.

  • For the Superannuation Funds progress item, we've reworded one of the Actions menu items so it's what the action does. The Update Standard Pay Super Funds in Adapt Desktop menu item is now called Update Pay Details-Standard Pay progress Item FundID from this data.

  • EXO ES (AU ONLY) You can now migrate the pay histories of terminated employees.

  • We've resolved errors that could occur when uploading superannuation funds to MYOB Advanced.

  • We've resolved an issue with payment details being in the wrong order, which prevented them from being uploaded to MYOB Advanced. As part of the fix, the pre-migration checklist now checks that payment methods for all cash accounts match the descriptions in the Config progress item. It also checks that the order of payment methods for all cash accounts.

  • We've resolved an issue with the Employees progress item, where cash accounts and payment methods weren't being uploaded correctly to MYOB Advanced. Instead, this data was coming from the employee class default.

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