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The Time and Attendance Menus

The following menus are available in the main Exo Time and Attendance interface:

File Menu

This menu contains the main options for adding and editing employee masterfile.

Menu Item



This is used to add a new employee into Exo Time and Attendance, or to edit an employee for such changes as reassigning card numbers, costing or allowances.

Notes (F12)

This will take you to the selected employee's personnel Notes window. This window can also be accessed via the F12 key.


This allows you to terminate any employee or to reinstate an employee who returns.

Change Payroll Company

This allows you to log out of the company you are in and access another company if you are running multiple companies.


This takes you out of the application and returns you to the desktop.

^ Top

Edit Menu

This menu handles operations on text that is contained in the currently selected field.

Menu Item



Cancel the last operation and revert back to the previous status.


Reapply the last operation at the current cursor position.


Move the currently selected text into the Windows clipboard.


Copy the currently selected text into the Windows clipboard.


Copy the contents of the Windows clipboard to the cursor position.


Delete the contents of the entire field, at the cursor position.

Select All

Select the contents of the entire field, at the cursor position.

^ Top

Scheduler Menu

The Scheduler offers a visual representation of your rostering rules, in daily planner form. Daily rules are drawn in a colour-coded array, and any changes to daily rules in the current or future pay periods will flow through to the entire Exo Time and Attendance system. Each screen on this menu offers a distinctly different but relevant viewpoint of your rostering activity.

Menu Item


Staff Scheduler

This is a form of daily planner, from which you can view and/or amend the scheduled daily rules for each day. The scheduled daily rules are initially derived from each employee's roster cycle and roster calendar.

Head Count/Forecast

This is a summary screen which displays a daily count of employees who are rostered for a given daily rule. Also attached to the day is a dollar amount, which is derived from the rostered hours for the daily rule, multiplied by the employee's productive cost per hour.

Forecast vs Actual

This is a summary screen which takes the information in the Head Count/Forecast screen a step further by comparing it on a daily basis with the actual times clocked in Exo Time and Attendance.

Revenue Analysis

Where the Forecast screen providers a count, hours and amount by daily rule, this screen provides a count, hours and amount by cost centre, and can optionally be compared against sales figures.

^ Top

Transactions Menu

This menu allows you to access the employees' clocked times, and assign them to pay periods for the calculation of overtime and allowances.

Menu Item


Poll Timeclocks

Upload the clockings stored in the time clock or bar wand base station, and import into the Maintain Times screen for review and maintenance.

Maintain Times

terminate0 by adding holiday and sick exceptions for employees who did not attend or validating days in which the employee forgot to clock in or out - in general making the times 100% accurate to what was actually worked.

Pay Period Times

Use the daily rules, weekly group rules and allowance rules to terminate1, over Exo Time and Attendance-based allowances. Make any last minute changes to employees' times.

One Off Pay Times

Used for terminate2 such as leave/termination pay/bonuses over and above the normal pay, after the normal pay period has been posted, but before the next one is due.

Post to Payroll

You have the ability to terminate3 to an export file which can be imported into Payroll, thus paying your employees for their attendance.


Reports Menu

Menu Item


Clarity Report Writer

This utility enables you to create your own customised reports.

Print Reports

Takes you to the list of terminate5.


Maintenance Menu

This menu allows you to configure lists of lookup items that may be used to track Exo Time and Attendance activity. This menu can be accessed three ways – via the menu, terminate7 icon or by pressing F2 anywhere in the application.

Menu Item


Daily Rules

Allows you to terminate8 that contain expected start and finish times, time anchoring, meal breaks and overtime conditions.


Enables you to configure any terminate9 to make up a pay period.

Rounding Groups

Allows you to ^ Top0 to be rounded to nearest suitable increments, e.g. 5, 15 or 30 minutes.

Weekly Groups

Allows you to ^ Top1 for your Rate Types.


Allows you to ^ Top2 for which the employee must qualify to earn an allowance unit, incrementing daily or hourly for any day of the week.


^ Top3 for extra payments or auditing in cases where the employee worked something different from the standard waged hours. Examples include annual leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, statutory holidays worked and not worked, alternative leave paid, and unpaid leave.

Statutory Holiday Groups

Set up your ^ Top4, and whether or not to accrue an alternative holiday should clockings be picked up for those days.

Employee Groups

Allows you to ^ Top5, enabling you to apply several rules to an employee at once, at the time of adding.

Job Costing

Allows you to ^ Top6. You can set up names for parts of Cost Centres, and delete and reinstate Cost Centres


Allows you to allocate your employees to different ^ Top7 thereby giving you the ability to group and sub-total reports.

Cost Centres

Allows you to ^ Top8 to different areas of your business.

Note Types

Allows you to ^ Top9 that can be categorised by codes and then printed in report format.

Scheduling Criteria

^ Top0 serves as an open-ended mechanism for listing and assigning the attributes of an employee which bear relevance to the question of whether to include or exclude that person from the roster for the day in question.

^ Top1

Utilities Menu

This menu offers configuration options relating to the current company, and the Exo Time and Attendance software in general.

Menu Item



This allows you to back up your data at any time to either a floppy disk or your hard drive.


This is used when you need to restore a backup due to hardware failure or corruption.

File Reindex

This is a repair utility.

Setup Exo Time and Attendance

This contains the ^ Top2 such as your rate types, costing structure, and swipe card prefix.

User Security

This is where you would set up the various users who will have access to the program's menu items and what rights they have. Exo Time and Attendance is a multi user system.

Delete Old Information

This is for ^ Top3 which is no longer needed - this speeds up the overall access times to the data, particularly in a network environment.

Backup Options

This is where you specify your backup media and where the files will be archived

Time Clock Setup

This is for ^ Top4 so that your computer's serial port can interface with time tracking hardware such as TimeClocks and infra-red scanners.

^ Top5

Help Menu

This menu provides you with shortcuts to commonly used functions, and also provides access to comprehensive product documentation.

Menu Item


Help Topics

Opens the online Help. Help can also be accessed anywhere in the program by pressing F1.

MYOB Education Centre

Opens the MYOB Education Centre website in a web browser.

What's New in this Release

Opens PDF release notes, detailing new features and resolved issues in the current version.

Online Knowledgebase

Opens the MYOB Enterprise Knowledgebase website in a web browser.

Show Reminders

This displays all notes with Reminder dates up to today's date, which have not been marked as Completed.

Setup Cycle

This is used to access the ^ Top6 when initially setting up a company.

Time Cycle

This is used to access the ^ Top7 when processing a pay period. The Time Cycle can be selected from the Toolbar or the Help Menu.

Upgrade Software

This is a tool with which you can ^ Top8, providing you have the most recently available CD.

Upgrade Software Online

This function accesses the Internet to ^ Top9.


This shows the current version number and who the software is licensed to. Press F11 at any time to view the About screen independently of the menu.

daily planner0

Special Menu

If any additional modules have been added to the Exo Time and Attendance system, a Special menu becomes available. This menu has one option: Special Applications. Selecting this option opens a window that lets you open any available special modules.

daily planner1

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