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Introduction to Exo Time and Attendance

At MYOB we believe a company's most valuable resource is its people. The MYOB Exo Time and Attendance system has been designed to not only help manage this resource, but also to provide a more efficient and effective method of preparing the payroll, thus freeing the people responsible for this area to pursue more productive activities.

The Exo Time and Attendance system is the result of detailed analysis of the needs of existing users of manual punchclocks, timesheets, Exo Time and Attendance systems and bureaus.

The Exo Time and Attendance system is able to handle all types and sizes of payrolls from the small 5-10 employee companies, to large Multi-company payrolls.

Employee Time and Attendance is not a static function therefore the Exo Time and Attendance system is continually being enhanced to meet the changing needs of its users and to handle legislative requirements.

We believe your company can benefit significantly by using the Exo Time and Attendance system. Benefits currently being gained by our existing users include:

  • Greater Accuracy - Automatic calculation of Ordinary time, Overtime and Allowances.

  • Substantial savings in both Time and Cost - No time spent analysing time cards or abuse-prone timesheets, less time spent on payroll processing, and if you are on a bureau no more forms to fill out.

  • More control - You can know all details on an employee's attendance, including Hours Worked, Lateness or Early Leaving, absenteeism and much more. If required, Exo Time and Attendance can track Job Costing by employee.

  • Better, more timely information - with the wide range of reports available and the ability to report over any date range, there is no more manual analysis.

  • Employees benefit by having an easy to use system that they can be confident will calculate their pay accurately.

Using the Online Help

MYOB Exo Time and Attendance includes full online help. Information is organised in the Table of Contents under the following sections:

  • Introduction - contains general information about MYOB Exo Time and Attendance and its main user interface.

  • Setting up Exo Time and Attendance - contains information on the process of setting up a Exo Time and Attendance system for initial use, focussing on the Exo Time and Attendance Setup Cycle.

  • Recording Times - contains information on the process of recording times, focussing on the Time Cycle.

  • Other Activities - contains information on the various maintenance activities, reports and utilities included in the Exo Time and Attendance system.

  • Troubleshooting - contains troubleshooting information on various parts of the Exo Time and Attendance system.

  • Order Forms - printable card order forms.

You can also use the Index or Search tabs to search the online help for specific topics or terms.

TIP: Press F1 at any time to open the online help.

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