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Staff Scheduler

The Staff Scheduler is a powerful planning tool, which makes it easier to judge staffing levels for any given cost centre or department on a daily basis. It enables you to plan annual leave and time away from the workplace in advance.

Select Staff Scheduler from the Scheduler menu to open it.

Company View

The Staff Scheduler has two tiers. When starting the Staff Scheduler, you are presented with a view showing schedules for the whole company:

A green highlight appears around each cell that contains a daily rule for a day that is within the span of the current pay period times.

TIP: Take care when re-scheduling days that are close to a pay run. The pay clerk may be attempting to finalise a pay, and may be in the process of signing off on a variety of calculations involving ordinary time. overtime, leave and allowances. Many of these calculations are sensitive to changes made to daily rules for the week just gone. The Scheduler is only intended for use on current and future calendar days.


To reduce your schedule to its most relevant form, you can filter the display by the following scheduling-related items:

  • Departments
  • Cost Centres
  • Employees
  • Daily Rules
  • Scheduling Criteria

Choose from the list to see the scheduling for a single filter item code only.

Click on the

button to the right of the appropriate scheduling item to see the scheduling for multiple codes of that item type.


A calendar of the currently available dates for the month is available at the top right. Click on the appropriate date in order to highlight it. The screen will refresh to show the schedule for the new date.

To see the dates for a different month, click on the < and > buttons at the top of the calendar, in order to skip to the desired month.

Pick a Daily Rule

At centre right is a list of the currently available Daily Rules. Click on the appropriate Daily Rule to highlight it, and then click on any cell in the grid to apply the rule to that cell.

When rescheduling a day that belongs to the currently open pay period times, it is advisable to check in the maintain times/pay period times screen that the day has not been marked as Invalid. Invalid days will not form paid remuneration in Payroll, regardless of the daily code that has been used. In general, rescheduling of days for leave purposes should be done before the Pay Period Times have been created.

NOTE: For quick access to scheduling colours for any given daily rule, right-click on the desired daily rule from the palette at bottom right, then select the Edit daily rule option.

Editing Employees

For quick access to the Employee Maintenance window, right-click on an employee's name in the main grid and select Employee Details.

Show Detailed Daily Rules

If the Show detailed Daily Rules option at the bottom left of the window is not selected, the Company View will display only the daily rule code, so as to reduce visual clutter.

If the Show detailed Daily Rules option is selected, more information will show against each cell, such as the Daily Rule name, and shift start/finish times.

Employee View

Clicking the Edit button from the Company view takes you into the Employee view of the Staff Scheduler:

NOTE: You can also right-click on an employee's name and select Employee Schedule to access this view.

To assign a Daily Rule to a day, click to highlight one of the Daily Rules from the top left hand corner of the screen. Then click on the appropriate date button for the employee. The cell takes on a new colour and description.

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