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How to Run a Pay

There are several ways to run a pay with MYOB Exo Payroll. For new users we recommend you use the easiest method: the MYOB Pay Cycle, which steps you through the simple five-step pay process.

In all MYOB systems, when you open, run, or create a new pay period, the Standard Pay or default pay setup for each employee is copied over and becomes what we term the Current Pay. This means that where your employees' pay for this pay period is the same as their Standard Pay, you do not need to do anything, as they are paid automatically. In case of an employee whose pay is different this period e.g. they have overtime or annual leave, these exceptions are all you need to enter. This method of processing payroll significantly reduces the time it takes to run the payroll each pay period.

Click the Pay Cycle button on the toolbar or select Pay Cycle from the Help menu. This opens the Pay Cycle window:

Click on each of the steps in turn to perform all of the necessary operations for running a pay.

TIP: An alternative method, and one you may use when you become more familiar with Exo Payroll, is to access the various steps via the menu or toolbar.

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