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STP - Submissions

After a pay is updated, pay data must be sent to the ATO electronically using Single Touch Payroll (STP). This can happen automatically, or you can send data manually.

In addition to sending data for each pay run via STP, you must also send a finalisation declaration at the end of the financial year. This is done by selecting Single Touch Payroll > Finalisation from the Pay menu.

Automatic Submission

If the Auto submit STP pay event data to ATO after every pay update option on the Single Touch Payroll Setup > General section of the Setup Payroll window is ticked, data will be submitted automatically after the pay is updated.

Before being sent, the data is checked and an error message appears if any validation errors (e.g. missing information in one or more records in the data, missing information in the STP setup) are detected:


You can check for validation errors at any time by selecting Single Touch Payroll > Validation Check from the Pay menu.

If no errors are detected, a declaration window appears:


Enter the name of the person responsible for submitting via Single Touch Payroll, tick the declaration check box, then click Send to ATO to submit the data.

If the submission is successful, a confirmation message appears and the STP submission's status is updated to "Pending". If any errors occur during the submission attempt, they will be displayed, and the batch’s status will change to "Not Sent".

The status can be checked on the Single Touch Payroll window.

The status is also displayed on the Pay List window.

Manual Submission

If the Auto submit STP pay event data to ATO after every pay update option is not ticked, you can submit via STP on the Single Touch Payroll Submissions window. (You can also use this window to view detailed information on all STP data, and check the status of submissions.)

Open the Single Touch Payroll Submissions window in one of the following ways:

  • Select Single Touch Payroll > Submissions from the Pay menu.
  • Click the  toolbar button.
  • Select Step 6 on the Pay Cycle.

The Single Touch Payroll Submissions window displays all pays that the system has generated STP data for.


From this window, you can:

STP Statuses

The Single Touch Payroll Submissions window displays the status of all STP submissions, which can be one of:

  • No status - no attempt has been made to submit the data to the ATO.
  • Not Sent - an attempt to send the data to the ATO failed.
  • Pending - the data has been successfully submitted to the ATO, but no response has been received yet.
  • Accepted - the data has been submitted to the ATO, and an acceptance response has been received.
  • Partly Accepted - some employee records in the submission were accepted by the ATO, but some were rejected.
  • Not Accepted - the ATO has received the submission, but has rejected it as a whole due to errors in the company information.

Click the Refresh Status button to update the status of the selected submission.

 The status is also displayed on the Pay List window.

Manually Submitting STP Data

Where automatic submission has not been enabled, you can manually send STP data for a pay by selecting it on the Single Touch Payroll Submissions window (or the Pay List window) and clicking the Send to ATO button (or by double-clicking on it). As with an automatic submission, the data is checked for errors, and you are required to tick a declaration before lodging the submission with the ATO. Once the data has been submitted, you can check the submission's status can be checked on the Single Touch Payroll Submissions window.

Re-submitting and Correcting STP Data

Once data for a pay has been submitted to the ATO, you can re-submit it if you need to make any corrections. The details of any errors that need correcting are displayed on the STP Submission Details window. The Send to ATO button changes to Resend to ATO - clicking this button has different effects depending on the submission's status:

  • If the status is "Pending", clicking Resend to ATO refreshes the submission's status. Pending submissions cannot be re-submitted until they have remained in the "Pending" state for 72 hours.
  • If the status is "Not Accepted", this means that there are problems that affect the submission as a whole (usually problems with the company information included in the submission). Clicking Resend to ATO sends the entire submission again. The submission's status changes back to "Pending".
  • If the status is "Partly Accepted", this means that the submission as a whole has been accepted, but one or more of the employee records included in the submission have been rejected. Clicking Resend to ATO creates a new submission containing only those records that were rejected in the original submission. The original submission's status stays at "Partly Accepted", and a note is added to its Notes column identifying the new submission that corrects it. The new submission’s STP Type column displays “Update” and its Is Correction? column contains “Yes”.

You can re-send a correcting submission, creating another new submission that corrects the correction. This process can be repeated until all errors are corrected. At each point, only those employee records that still have errors will be included in the submission.

STP Submission Details

To view detailed information on the STP data for a pay, select a pay on the Single Touch Payroll window and click Details. This opens the STP Submission Details window, which displays employer details the results of the submission attempt at the top of the window and details of each employee in the pay in a grid in the lower half of the window. Data in the lower grid is organised into tabs.


If the submission has the status "Not Accepted" or "Partly Accepted", an extra Errors tab is available on the lower grid. This tab displays details of the error(s) that were found in the submission, which will need to be corrected before the submission can be re-sent. In addition, for submissions with the "Not Accepted" status, an Email to Support button becomes available next to the Status field in the Response section at the top right - clicking this button copies the response details into an email to MYOB Support.

Exporting STP Information

Click the Export button on the Single Touch Payroll window to create an Excel document containing all of the details displayed on the window. The Excel document is a workbook containing the following tabs:

  • Payer - contains the employer details from the top half of the window.
  • Payee - contains the employee details from the grid in the bottom half of the window.
  • Pay Items - contains YTD values for pay items that were transacted during the original pay run from the top righ of the window.
  • Response Summary - contains details of the ATO's response to the submission from the top right of the window.
  • Pay Details - contains details of the originating pay run from the top right of the window.
  • Response Detail - this tab only appears if the submission was rejected. It contains details of the error(s) that caused the submission to be rejected.
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