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Pay List

The Pay List window provides easy access to all pays in the system by displaying a filterable list of pay records, as well as action buttons that let you create, view, edit or report on pays. Open the Pay List by clicking the Pay List button on the main toolbar or selecting Pay List from the Pay menu.

Available Functions

Use the dropdowns at the top of the window to filter the list. Click Clear Filters to reset all dropdowns to their defaults.

By default, only pays from the last 12 months are displayed - use the From and To date filters to show older pays.

Buttons at the bottom of the window provide easy access to common pay functions:

  • For submissions in the "Pending" status, the button changes to ATO Status. Clicking this button updates the submission's status.
  • For submissions in the "Accepted", "Not Accepted" or "Not Sent" stauses, the button changes to Resend to ATO. Clicking this button generates a new submission for the pay.
  • Click the Export button to export the contents of the list to a CSV or Excel file (if Microsoft Excel is installed).

All functions are available from the right-click menu as well.

Viewing and Editing Pays

Double-clicking on a pay (or selecting a pay and clicking the View or Edit button) opens the Pay Details window showing the details of that pay:

The Pay Details section displays header information of the pay, while the main table displays the pay details of each employee in the pay. Use the dropdowns at the top of the window to filter the list. Click Clear Filters to reset all dropdowns to their defaults. The Show/Hide Column button (

) lets you choose which list columns to display and which to hide, and the Custom Views section lets you save the current filtering settings and column layout as a reusable view.

For open pays, the Edit button can be used edit an employee's pay, and the Add button can be used to add one or more employees to the pay - a selection window appears, showing all employees with the same frequency as the pay, and all Casual staff:

Select one or more employees and click Select to add them to the pay. For One Off Pays, you are given the option of copying their Standard Pay into the One Off Pay.

Clicking the Payslip button opens a Custom Payslip report showing the pay details for the selected employee.

The Reset All button lets you clear or reset the pays of all listed employees (i.e. only those employees who match the current filter settings will be affected, which may not be all employees in the pay). You are asked to confirm the operation, and then select the operation to apply to the employees:

While the Reset All button resets the pays of all employees in the list, the Reset Pay right-click menu option lets you reset the pay of the individual employee who was right-clicked on.

The Copy button copies the employees' pay details to the clipboard, so that the data can be pasted into a spreadsheet or other third party application. If Microsoft Excel is installed, this button becomes Export, and exports the contents of the list to an Excel file. The Export Option dropdown controls whether to export all data, or only the data currently displayed on the list.

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