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Employee Defaults Setup


The Employee Defaults Setup section of the Setup Payroll window enables you to set common defaults that are representative of a typical employee of your company. Whenever you add a new employee into the system, the employee's details will default to these values, which leaves you with the task of editing only for variations.

Employee default settings are divided across three sub-sections.

Standard settings

Standard settings encompass the most common employment details.

Default employee order When viewing the employee masterfile or pay windows, employees can be listed in alphabetical or numeric staff code order. Click on the order that you want to use as your default.

Pay frequency Choose a default pay frequency for new employee records.

Gender Choose a default gender for new employee records.

Hours Choose a default hours for new employee records.

Remuneration type Choose a default remuneration type for new employee records.

Allow overtime This field applies to salaried employees, and only appears when "Salary" is selected for the Remuneration type. Tick this box if you would like to be possible to pay salaried employees additional waged hours.

Term Choose a default term for new employee records.

WorkCover Specify a default WorkCover code for newly added employees. The WorkCover code and rate is used when calculating the amount to pay on the WorkCover report. If you do not know the appropriate code, click the

button for a list of available codes.

Superannuation Select the default superannuation contribution that should automatically be added to new employees. If you do not know the appropriate code, click the

button for a list of the available codes.

Standard hours per day Enter a default standard hours per day value to be assigned to new employee records.

Standard hours per pay Enter default standard hours per pay values for each pay frequency. For new employees, the value for their pay frequency will be entered on the Hours Paid section of their Standard Pay. If you change an employee's pay frequency, you will be given the option of updating their standard hours to the value for the new frequency.

Report Distribution These options determine the default report distribution settings for employees, i.e. whether reports should be distributed to them by email, print, and/or MyStaffInfo. You can change an individual employee's report distribution settings on the Other tab of the Employee Maintenance window.

Tax classification

Here you can specify the most common Tax Scale that is applicable to this company. Generally this will be Scale 2, as shown below:

Claim Tax Free Threshold The tax-free threshold is the amount of income that an employee can earn each year that is not taxed (currently, the first $18,200 of the employee's annual income). It is intended for employees who are Australian residents (for tax purposes).

WorkCover rates

The WorkCover rate is used to calculate an amount of WorkCover levy, payable by the employer. The levy amount is based on a fixed percentage of the total employee's earnings that are liable for the levy. A payroll company may employ multiple rates of WorkCover. A WorkCover code is allocated to the employee on the Employee Details tab of the Employee Maintenance window. The employee's liable earnings and corresponding rate are then collated on the WorkCover report.

You can add an unlimited number of WorkCover codes.

Adding Codes

Click on the Add button in order to add a new code & rate.

Code The levy code as provided to you by the WorkCover Corporation.

Rate The employee's earnings liable for WorkCover will be multiplied by this rate in order to arrive at a levy amount to pay.

Description A meaningful term of reference for this levy code.

Cost Centre Entering a Cost Centre here means that the levy accrual for this Code is placed against a specific Cost Centre in payroll reports. This overrides the default behaviour of the reports, which is to place the levy accrual against the employee's default Cost Centre. In other words, you should leave this value at blank/zero if you want reports to assume the default behaviour.

Editing and Deleting Codes

Click the Edit button in order to alter an existing code/rate. Having made the appropriate changes, click Save or press F10 to return to the WorkCover Rate Lookup window.

Click the Delete button in order to alter an existing code/rate. If a code has already been used by an employee, you will be unable to delete it until their code is changed.

Leave Groups

This section lets you set default leave groups for Annual Leave, Personal Leave and Long Service Leave. New employees will be assigned to these groups automatically.

This section is only available if the new, enhanced leave entitlement management system has been activated. If you would like to learn more about the new leave entitlement features and how to activate them, contact your Business Partner.




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