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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.4 November 2022

What's new?

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.4 adds a range of features, with an emphasis on making it easier to manage shifts with greater efficiency and improved communication.

Shift bidding

Shift bidding makes it easier to find employees to fill an open shift by making it available to all eligible employees. The employees receive a notification, then any number of them can express interest in the shift. The manager then chooses who to assign the shift to from those that have accepted it.

In addition to making it easier to fill shifts, it also gives the employees more control over their own scheduling.

The Out of Pattern shift alert is a common alert that will make employees ineligible for shifts. To turn it off, see Managing alerts.

For more information, see Assigning a shift using shift bidding.

Shift confirmation requests

To improve communication between managers and staff, we've added the ability to request confirmation from employees when shifts assigned to them are published. The notifications can be sent whenever shifts are published, to be sent for every shift, or just when you need them. When they get the requests, employees can accept or decline the shifts so that their managers can make quicker decisions to swap, unpublish, reassign or republish the shifts.

To turn on shift confirmation requests, go to Management > Company Settings > Roster.

For more information, see:

Add automatic breaks to shifts

To improve compliance with company-wide standardised break times, you can now automatically add breaks to shifts, as well as timesheets. To set your company-wide automatic breaks, go to Management > Settings > Company Settings > Rounding Rules.

To set this up, see Adding breaks to shifts and timesheets automatically.

Hiring restrictions by position

To improve compliance, you can now choose which permissions a hiring manager is allowed to hire for.

The new setting is available in Management > Settings > Edit Positions.

Filter timesheets by variance

To help you find information on problematic timesheets, you can now filter the Manage Time screen by variance (in either cost or minutes).

To see the new filters, go to the Time screen and click the Filter button (


Employee probation

We've added the ability to manage probation periods for new employees as part of the onboarding process.

You can set a probation date when sending an onboarding invite. Then open the employee profile to record and track their probation period and mark it as completed or failed, or even extend the probation date if required.

For more information, see:

Onboarding workflows by employment type

To give you more flexibility when designing an onboarding experience for new starters, you can now create onboarding workflows for different employment types, or get really specific by combining that filter with the existing location and position options.

To make a new flow, see Creating onboarding flows.

What's fixed?

In 9.4 and the 9.4.1 hotix we've fixed the following known issues.

26/10/2022Timesheet filters with a Pay Run Template not showing resultsAfter selecting a Pay Run Template in Timesheet Filters, timesheets of employees with that Pay Run Template may not appear in the results.Resolved in version 9.4.1CE00032046
7/11/2022Error when editing in the Employees screen

When editing employee details, you may encounter an error "Please correct the following errors" asking to fill in all required fields even though those fields are already filled out.

Resolved in version 9.4NA
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