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Managing alerts

The Alerts screen lets you set conditions to warn users when timesheets or shifts that are out of compliance. This can help with managing performance and understanding where processes can be improved.

Alerts can be applied to timesheets and individual shifts. You can choose whether alerts stop the status of the shift or timesheet from being changed, and how they can be dismissed.

For information on specific alerts and how to resolve them, see the Timesheet alerts and Shift alerts pages.

Adding, editing or deleting an alert

  1. Go to  Management > Settings > Alerts.
  2. Click the add button (+) to add a new alert, or click Edit to update an existing one.
  3. If you want to delete the alert, click Delete.
  4. Tick the standard alert options to configure how the alert can be resolved:
    • Dismissible: Let managers dismiss the alert.
    • Blocks: Prevents the status of the timesheets being saved (timesheet alerts only).
    • Notes Required: Requires the user dismissing the note to fill out a reason.
  5. Set any alert-specific settings, such as the number of hours for the Minimum Break alert.
  6. Click Save.
Dismissing an alert on a timesheet
  1. Hover over the timesheet entry with the alert. Dismissable alerts have a red dismiss icon (x).
  2. Click the dismiss icon. A Dimiss Alert window will appear.
  3. If required, fill out the Reason for dismissing the alert, for example "Forgot to clock out, recorded manually."
  4. Click Submit to continue.

The name, time, and reason for the dismissal will be recorded against the timesheet entry.



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