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Tracking probation periods

 When Sending and monitoring an onboarding invitation, you can choose to set a probation date for your new employee. Once their onboarding is complete, you can track their probation status from the Employment Status screen in Management > Employees.

Updating an employee's probation status

You can mark an employee's probation as passed or failed, or extend their probation date, from their employee record.

  1. Go to Management > Employees.

  2. Click the Edit button (

    ) to open the employee you want to check.

  3. Go to the Employment Status tab.
    Their Probation history shows in the table.

  4. Click the Actions button and open the Record Probation Outcome screen.

  5. Choose an Outcome from the drop-down menu:

    • Passed

    • Extended

    • Failed

  6. If the outcome was Extended, enter a new probation date.

  7. Enter Review Notes and click Browse to add an Attachment if required.

  8. Click Submit Review to save the probation status and update the Probation history table.

Running the Employee Probation Report

You can run the Employee Probation Report to report on which employees are on probation, and what their probation status is.

  1. Go to Management > Reporting > Employees.

  2. Click the Employee Probation Report.

  3. Select an Ends on or before date to filter the list by date.

An alert that takes managers to this report is also displayed on the homepage under a Probation Reviews tile if you have access to employees who are on probation and whose review date is coming up. This is controlled using the Management > Settings > Company Settings > Onboarding > “Probation alert period” setting.

Access levels around Probation History are:

Read only:
Managers, Managers + Finance


Manager + Payroll, Administrator

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