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Sending and monitoring an onboarding invitation

This page is about the improved onboarding experience, launched in June 2022.

For information on using the older features, see Legacy onboarding processes.

When you've hired a new employee, you can manage the onboarding process with MYOB Advanced Workforce Management. Once you've entered their details they'll get an email that will take them through the rest of the process.

Inviting a new employee

  1. Go to Management > Employees.
  2. Click the invite button  to open the Invite Employee panel.
  3. Enter the employee's name and email address.
  4. Select the employee's Location, Position, and Permission group, and select their manager from the Reporting to field. To give the employee access to more than one location, click Add location access to and select another Location and Permission group.

    Can't change a field? Some may be determined by the position settings. Either choose a different position or Creating a position.

  5. Enter the employee's employment dates:
    • Enter their Start Date.
    • Update their Anniversary Date if they have special rules for it (some apprenticeships, for example).
    • If you want to track their probation period, select Set probation date? and enter the end-date into the Probation date field.
  6. Select an Agreement (if you use them) to automatically populate some employment details.
  7. Select a Remuneration type to enter the employee's pay rate. Either from a Pay level, or a manually-entered Salary/Rate.
  8. Complete the rest of the fields.
  9. Personalise the invitation:
    • Select an Onboarding Flow to choose a specific onboarding form.
    • If you want to send a personalised welcome note or some extra instructions, enter an Optional Message.
      You can also use HTML tags to customise the message further.
    • To add an extra, one-off document to this employee's onboarding process, add a Custom Document.
  10. If you use MYOB Advanced Payroll, select an Employee profile to apply the appropriate payroll settings when the new employee is synchronised.

  11. Enter an email address or SMS phone number in the Send invite to field. This is where the link to the onboarding form will be sent to.
    The email address must be unique to that employee.
  12. Once you've filled out all the relevant fields, click Invite employee to complete the process and email the invitation to your new hire. If they don't receive it, ask them to check their junk or spam mail folders, or try How do I check the onboarding status of an employee?.

Checking an employee's onboarding status

You can check the onboarding status of your new employees from the Employees screen, then follow up with them as appropriate.

  1. Go to Management > Employees.
  2. Click the filters button to open the Filter Employees panel.
  3. Select a filter from the Show Only drop-down to show the employees are at each onboarding step:
    • Invited: Employees that have been sent invitations but haven't started filling out the form.
    • Onboarding: Employees that have started their form, but haven't sent it yet.
    Employees who have completed their form are grouped in the other statuses with your other active employees.

Resending an invitation

If an new employee hasn't received their invitation, get them to check their junk or spam mail folders before resending their invitation.

  1. Go to Management > Employees.
  2. Click the filter button and select Show invited employees only.
  3. Click the mail icon in the Actions column.

    A confirmation panel opens.
  4. If you want to change the email address or phone number you sent the email to, update the Send invite to field.
  5. Click Invite to resend the invite.

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