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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 24.4 May 2024

24/5 update: We’ve updated the release notes with another new feature, see “Use primary location for timesheets generated from clock events” below for more info.

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 24.4 brings two major new features. Broadcast messaging gives you new ways to communicate with your employees, and new document and contract management tools make it easier to keep track of paperwork, including signed contracts.

We’ve also made a range of smaller enhancements, including an improvement to resending onboarding invitations which is also available in MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding.

What's new?

Change the email address or phone number when resending onboarding invitations

You can now change the email address or phone number you sent an onboarding invitation to, to save you time redoing them when something goes wrong.

This only applies to new invitations, so if you have any problems with existing invitations you’ll need to fix them the old way.

For more information, see Sending and monitoring an onboarding invitation.

Broadcast messages

With broadcast messaging you can send news, action items and other updates to your employees, to keep your team engaged and on track.

To make sure that no-one misses the important stuff, you can trigger push notifications, mark posts as important, request read confirmations and even pin them to the top of the news feed so they’re always available.

To get started with broadcast messaging, you need to turn it on in Company Settings. If you use custom permission groups, you will also need to give them access to view or post messages in the Permission Groups screen.

For more information, see:

Document management

We’ve added powerful new tools to the Documents screen to make it easy to manage templates, send documents, get contracts signed and keep track of everything.

The new features let you:

  • Create HTML document templates with merge fields.

  • Request electronic signatures on documents, so they can be used for contracts and other legal requirements.

  • Keep track of documents so you can see when they’ve been signed.

Access the new features under the Template management heading.

For more information, see:

New permission option to prevent managers approving their own timesheets

To help improve transparency, we’ve added an Approve Own Timesheets permission. Users without this permission cannot approve their own timesheets. We’ve included this permission in the default manager permission group.

To prevent managers from approving their own timesheets, create a new custom permission group without the Approve Own Timeheets permission.

Use primary location for timesheets generated from clock events

For situations where you have one timeclock covering many locations (for example, a retail store with one timeclock for all your departments) we’ve added the Use employee’s primary location in timesheet option.

Turning this on will mean that timesheets generated from clock events will use the employee’s primary location, rather than the timeclock’s location.

To turn this on go to Management > Settings > Company Settings > Clocking.

For more information, see Setting up a time clock.

Other improvements

New visa subclasses (AU only)

We’ve added the new visa subclasses to the Visa type field.

  • Subclass 491 - Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa

  • Subclass 494 - Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa

  • Subclass 801 - Partner visa (Permanent)

For more information on adding employees, see

Termination date clarified

We’ve renamed the termination date field to Effective date of termination. The date to enter here is the first day they are no longer employed (not the last day of their employment). Access to the system is revoked on this date.

Gender selection label changed

To improve inclusivity we’ve changed the third option n the gender field to Other.

Timesheet performance improvements

The Manage Time screen now displays timesheets faster.

Automatic notifications for high-risk employee profile changes

To improve security, we’ve made it so that changes to an employee’s username, password, bank account or superannuation account trigger an automatic email to the employee.

What's fixed?



Timesheets added to a pay incorrectly when there is an error message (e.g. an uncleared alert error).

Timesheet status would not update, and hen could be added to the pay again.


Employees not getting invite resends when email address changed.

Changing the notification email address for an invited employee and resending the invite was not sending an invite to the new email address. (Invite was still being sent to the original address.)

Resolved, Resend invite now explciitly asks for the email address it should send to.

Onboarding - “medicareLevyExemption is required.” error during Right to Work tab.

Resolved, errors no longer prompt early for visas.

When using Bulk Modify function on employees from the employee list, updates sometimes do not reach Payroll.


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