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Setting up and using MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding

MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding adds the powerful online onboarding workflow from MYOB Advanced Workforce Management to your Advanced Payroll site. Say goodbye to paper forms and endless phone calls, and make your new starters' lives easier with a professional online form to send you their info and documents.

To start the process, an MYOB Advanced Payroll consultant will provide you with an MYOB Advanced Workforce Management site.

This page explains how to set up and use MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding, and how to customise the onboarding experience to suit your company. You can also learn more by taking the free MYOB Academy course, MYOB Advanced Payroll: Employee onboarding.

Settings for onboarding

Before you invite your first employee, you need to finalise some settings. You can edit your settings whenever you need to, like if you open a new location.

1. Set up onboarding defaults in MYOB Advanced Payroll

Onboarding defaults include settings like including calendar and pay group. Along with the information your employee will provide, these defaults are used to automatically create a detailed employee record in MYOB Advanced Payroll.

You can access the relevant screens for setting these defaults on the Workforce Management tab of the Payroll Preferences screen (MPPP1100).

Depending on how your site has been configured, there are two ways to set these defaults.

If employee profiles are enabled

In the Set Onboarding Defaults section, click Set Employee Profiles. This opens the relevant employee profiles configuration form –  Employee Profile  (MPPP2420) if no employee profiles have been set up yet, or  Employee Profile List  (MPPP2420) otherwise.

For detailed information, see Setting up employee profiles.

If employee profiles aren't enabled

In the Set Onboarding Defaults section, click Set Onboarding Defaults. This opens the Employee Onboarding Preferences (MPAT1010) screen, where you can complete the mandatory fields.

2. Set up your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management site

Set up the requirements for onboarding:

  • Extra locations to tailor your onboarding experiences.

  • The positions you'll be hiring for.

  • Your hiring managers.

See Advanced Employee Onboarding - Initial Setup, for step-by-step instructions on setting up these items.

3. Customise the onboarding experience for your business

So you get the information you need, the first time, MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding lets you customise onboarding flows that work for your business, and even for individual roles and locations within your business.

  1. Go to Management > Company Settings > Onboarding to update your onboarding preferences:

    • Enter personalised email invite messages into the Default footer text and Default invite optional message fields.

    • Select a Default super fund.

    • If you want your hiring managers to be able to see onboarded employee' information, select No for Onboard as unrosterable.

    • Update the other settings as appropriate for your business.

  2. Make your onboarding colour and logo consistent with your brand.

  3. Use onboarding flows to design amazing onboarding experiences for your new starters:

     MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding comes with a default onboarding flow, suitable for many roles and industries.

Onboarding new employees

Onboarding process overview

The flowchart below shows who does what in the MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding workflow.

1. Invite an employee and add them to Advanced Payroll

Once MYOB Advanced Onboarding is all set up, it only takes a few clicks to invite your new employees. To see what the process looks like for the employee, see How do I complete the onboarding process?

  1. Go to Management > Employees and click Invite Employee

    to email an onboarding invite to your new hire:

    • If you want to personalise the invite email for the employee, add an Optional Message.

    • Select an Onboarding Flow to use one of your customised flows.

    See sending and monitoring an onboarding invite for more information on inviting new hires.

  2. Keep track of new hires' progress from the Management > Employees screen.

    1. Click Filter

    2. Select Invited or Onboarding from the Show Only drop-box to show employees who haven't completed the process yet.

    When new employees complete the onboarding forms they will be automatically added to MYOB Advanced Payroll.

2. Finish setting up the new employee in MYOB Advanced Payroll
  1. Go to the Employee Onboarding Detail screen to check your new employees have been added to Advanced Payroll.

  2. If any employee details weren't captured during the onboarding process, or they differ from the defaults on the Employee Onboarding Settings screen, add them on the Pay Details screen:

    • Standard pays

    • Tax offsets and variances

    • Holiday act settings (NZ)

    • STP reporting types where not WHM or Wage and Salary

    • Other pay groups

    • Notification and employment settings

    • Expense allocation

    And on the Employees screen, add their employment history.

  3. On the Outstanding Actions tab of the Pay Details form, check if there’s anything you missed. If you can’t see the tab, try clicking the >> icon to show more tabs. For example, in the following screenshot, the tab shows that a Kiwisaver pay item still needs to be created.

    Outstanding Actions tab example.png
  4. Once you're happy that the employee's details are all correct, go to the Pay Details screen and set their Onboarding Status to Onboarded.

  5. If required, set the employee up for employee self-service, with an ESS user and an approval map.

Once the employee is all set up in MYOB Advanced Payroll, you're ready to start paying them!


Can I check what was originally sent from Advanced Employee Onboarding to Advanced Payroll?

Yes, you can. On the Pay Details screen, go to the Message History tab.

Message History tab.png

Each message listed on the tab contains the information an employee submitted through Advanced Employee Onboarding. To view the information in detail, click a link in the Message ID column.

Can I access an employee’s onboarding documents after onboarding?

Yes, Administrators and Hiring Managers can view the employee's documents by going to Management > Employees > Documents and Notes.

Which onboarding data is sent to MYOB Advanced Payroll?
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