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How do I complete the onboarding process?

If you’ve received an employment invitation from an employer you can complete the onboarding process by following these steps.

  1. Click the Go to Onboarding link on the employment invitation:

  2. On the first screen of the onboarding process, you will need to accept the offer. Click the Sign button, then click Continue to proceed to the next section.

  3. If your employer has entered standard hours for you, they will also appear. Review your hours then click Continue to proceed.

  4. The next screen displays the personal data that we'll be collecting from you. Click Yes, I give consent, then click Continue to proceed. If you do not consent to this data being collected, you can click No, I do not give consent - this will stop the onboarding process here, and you will need to speak to a payroll administrator to continue your onboarding.

  5. Fill out the required personal information on the next screen, then click Continue.

    Any time a field is highlighted in red or marked with *, that field must be completed before you can continue.

  6. On the Personal Identification screen, you will need to select your residency status and upload proof of your identity and work rights. To upload a file, click Choose File, then browse to find the file on your device. Click Continue once you have uploaded the required files.

  7. Select Yes or No to each of the options on the Qualifications screen. Click Continue once you've entered all of the necessary details.

    • If you select Yes to Do you hold any other licences or tickets? or Do you have any relevant qualifications?, more fields will become available so you can enter the details of the licenses, tickets or qualifications, and upload supporting documents.

    • If you select Yes to Are you currently studying?, you will need to select the kind of study you are doing.

  8. If you are employed in Australia, then in the next section, you will need to complete a Tax File Number Declaration. When you've provided all information, click Sign, then click Continue to proceed. (Click the image below to enlarge it.)

  9. Enter your bank account details.

    If you want your pay to go to more than one account, click the + icon, then enter details for the additional account(s). You can enter the amount or percentage of your pay that will go into each account.

    Select which account is your Primary Account, then click Continue.

  10. Enter the details of your superannuation scheme. If you do not enter fund details here, your super contributions will be paid into the employer's default super fund. Click Continue.

  11. Give details of the medical conditions listed on this screen, enter your emergency contact details, then click Continue.

  12. To declare that the information you have entered is correct, click Sign.

  13. Your employer may have uploaded additional documents for you to review, e.g. company policy documents. In this case, click Continue to review all documents.

  14. Once the process is complete, click Submit. You have completed the onboarding process! A confirmation message will appear onscreen, and a confirmation email will be sent to your address.



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