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Onboarding - Initial setup

This page is about the improved onboarding experience, launched in June 2022.

For information on using the older features, see Legacy onboarding processes.

Before you can start working on onboarding flows, you need to turn on the improved onboarding features, set up your company default options and messages, add any requirements your employees need to complete onboarding, and (in Australia only) turn on Flare integration to make it easy for your employees to choose a super fund.

1. Make sure you're using the improved onboarding experience

To make sure that you're using the improved onboarding experience, go to Company Settings > Onboarding and chek the Enable legacy onboarding switch is set to Yes. If it isn't, follow these instructions to turn it on:

  1. Go to Management > Hire > Status to check whether you have any outstanding invitations using the legacy onboarding features.

    When you turn on the new features you won't be able to access old invitations sent under the legacy system, so either wait until they're complete or cancel them before you proceed.

  2. Go to Company Settings > Company details and check there's an ABN. If not, contact to your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management consultant for help.
  3. Go to Company Settings > Onboarding and turn off the Enable legacy onboarding switch.

The improved onboarding features are now available!

2. Enter your default onboarding settings

Once you've turned on the improved onboarding features, Go to Company Settings > Onboarding and enter your company-wide options:

  • Proof of citizenship required: Makes it mandatory for new hires to upload proof they can work in your country.
  • Onboard as unrosterable: Makes new staff unrosterable until How do I set an employee to be rosterable or unrosterable?.
  • Enable new welcome message for job details: Includes a custom welcome message in invitations. A standard welcome message will be displayed if this box is left unticked.
  • Default super fund: Specifies the superannuation fund used for new employees who select "Default fund" during the onboarding process. (Australia only)
  • Default super fund message: A customised message to inform employees who don't choose a fund (or haven't provided the necessary information) that super payments will be made into your nominated default fund. (Australia only)
  • Default Kiwisaver employer contribution (%): Specifies the default kiwisaver percentage used for employees who don't provide one. (New Zealand only)
  • Default footer text: A message that appears as a footer during the onboarding process. This could provide contact information if the employee has any difficulty in completing the onboarding process.
  • Default invite optional message: A customised onboarding message to welcome new hires to your business using HTML (maximum 2000 characters).
3. Add or edit requirements

 If you want new employees to meet certain criteria before starting, such as professional memberships or qualifications, you'll need to add them as requirements before including them in onboarding flows.

  1. Go to Management > Settings > Requirements.
  2. Click Add new to bring up the Add Requirement screen.
  3. Enter the requirement's Name and Abbreviation.
  4. Update the other options as needed:
    • Restrict viewing to Permission Groups: Enter roles here if only certain groups should see the requirement and who meets it.
    • Expires: Select this for requirements that expire or need to be renewed.
    • Requires evidence: Select this if your new employees need to supply documentation that they meet the requirement, such as a copy of a certificate.
  5. Click Save to add the requirement.

The requirement will now be available when creating flows.

4. Enable superannuation fund selection via Flare

Integration with Flare's powerful superannuation selection workflow makes it easy for your employees to choose superannuation funds.

Superannuation selection powered by Flare is on by default on new sites, but if you've had Advanced Workforce Management from before June 2023 it may need to be turned on manually – Talk to your MYOB Advanced Workforce Management partner to get this set up, or if you get support directly from MYOB, email

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