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MYOB Advanced Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service (ESS) module for MYOB Advanced lets you view and manage your personal information, and to submit leave requests, which are then managed and processed in the Payroll module. The self-service features are intuitive with most users becoming experts in no time.

Although these pages explain how to use ESS on a desktop web browser, all features (except employee and team calendars) are also available in the MYOB Advanced mobile app. Download the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

Want a quick overview of what ESS is capable of? Check out the ESS videos in the MYOB Advanced help centre.

Employee Self Service tasks

Requesting leave and updating personal information

If you've been given access to ESS, you can use it to:

Managing your team

Manage your team by approving or rejecting your employees' leave requests and submitting requests on their behalf.

Payroll administration

There are two main payroll administration tasks related to ESS:

Implementing the Employee Self Service module

This help page explains how to set up Employee Self Service and integrate it with MYOB Advanced Payroll. It's only for people with an in-depth understanding of MYOB Advanced, like MYOB Partners and consultants.

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