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How are timesheets created?


Manually added timesheets

If an employee does not have a scheduled shift, a manager can manually add a timesheet on their behalf - see How do I create a timesheet for an employee who was not scheduled?

Manually completed timesheets

If an employee has not completed their clock logs or has not clocked in and out for their shift, a manager can completed their unassociated shifts or incomplete clock logs - see Using the Unassociated Shifts and Clock Entries section.

Timesheets created via employee clock

If an employee has completed their clock logs a timesheet will be automatically created - see Clocking scenarios.

Leave timesheets

Leave timesheets are displayed with an airplane icon - see How does approved leave appear in Manage Time?

Converted shifts to leave

If an employee was not able to complete their shift and had to take a leave, a manager can convert and approve their shift to leave or convert then approve it later on the leave management page - see How do I convert a scheduled shift to leave?

Approved leaves from leave page

If an employee has requested a leave or a manager has added a leave on an employee's behalf and has approved it, this will also create a timesheet for that leave. Please note that the leave type must be set to create a timesheet - see Reviewing and approving your team's leave requests


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