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Using the Unassociated Shifts and Clock Entries section

The Unassociated Shifts and Clock Entries section can be found on the bottom part of the Manage Time page. To navigate here click Time on the navigation bar to go to the Manage Time page, then scroll down to Unassociated Shifts and Clock Entries.

This section collects all shifts that have not been completed (scheduled shifts) and clocking errors. These timesheets are considered incomplete and will need to be completed before they can be approved/authorised/committed.

When clicking on these unassociated shifts, you will be presented with a summary showing why they are unassociated. They will either have clock entries, a scheduled shift or both.

You can click Complete to complete the data for these incomplete shifts.

If the incomplete event only has an unassociated shift in its summary, it will use this shift's Start time, End time, Location and Position for the timesheet if you click Complete on the incomplete event.

There may be some instances where the incomplete event has clocking times. This can be a combination of Clock In/ Clock Out and Break times but in all instances is missing both a Clock In and Clock Out time in the one incomplete event. If you try to complete one of these incomplete events that do not have a Clock Out time, it will ask you to enter a new Clock Out time via a pop-up window. Enter the missing time and click Complete.

Once you click Complete, the timesheet will move up to the section of completed timesheets, where you make more adjustments if necessary.

You do not have to complete all unassociated shifts or clock entries; you only need to complete those that you want to pay in a pay run.


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