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How do I create a timesheet for an employee who was not scheduled?

As a manager with access to the Manage Time section , you have the ability to add timesheets for employees. You would need to do this in the case where the employee did not clock in for a shift that they were not rostered for.

There is a separate process for employees who have clocked on without a scheduled shift or employees who have forgotten to clock on for a shift that was previously scheduled - see How do I complete a time entry for an employee who has not clocked for their shift?

To create a new Timesheet:

  1. Go to the Manage Time screen an click the + icon to open the New Timesheet window.
  2. Enter the required details for the shift you want to add and click the Add button.
  3. The new shift will now be visible in your shift summary window. Click on this summary line to see details of the shift you just entered.
  4. To approve the shift you just created, click the Approve (tick) icon. Alternatively, you can click on the settings cog and click Approve - see Approving, rejecting, and editing timesheets



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