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How do I complete a time entry for an employee who has not clocked for their shift?

As a manager, you can complete a time entry on employee's behalf/for an employee who has not clocked for their shift by going to Time page. Please follow through the steps below.

  1. Click Time on the navigation bar on the dashboard. You will be redirected to the Manage Time page - on this page, you can see all employee timesheets.
  2. If an employee fails to clock on or off the clock logs will be seen in the Unassociated Shifts and Clock Entries section at the bottom of the page. Click on it to expand, then click Complete on the incomplete shift.
  3. The Complete Timesheet window opens. Enter the necessary details and check everything is correct. Click the Complete button.

The timesheet is now completed and will be displayed along other timesheets.

If employee has no clock logs but has a rostered shift, you can click Complete to complete the shift. The Complete Timesheet window does not appear, as the required details are taken from the shift.

If employee has no clock logs and has no rostered shift you can manually add a timesheet by click the + button at the top right of the page. Enter the correct details then click Save.


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