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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.7 May 2023

What's new?

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.7 includes a number of improvements to onboarding, as well as improved access for consultants to support their users and reverse errors.

Onboarding superannuation selection automatically enabled

To make sure that your new hires can always easily specify their superannuation provider, superannuation selection, powered by Flare, is now automatically enabled for onboarding for all MYOB Advanced Workforce Management companies.

For more information about setting up superannuation integration, see Onboarding - Initial setup.

Roll back committed timesheets (partners and super users only)

To make it easier to resolve processing errors, users with Partner and Super user permissions can now change committed timesheets back to authorised.

If you need help with a committed timesheet, contact your MYOB Advanced consultant, or or if you get support directly from MYOB, email

Unneeded STP category field removed from onboarding invites

To make it easier for your new hires to complete their onboarding forms, we've removed the STP category field from onboarding invites. This is typically the responsibility of the hiring manager or payroll administrator, and not something the new hire needs to worry about.

The category should be entered into MYOB Advanced Worforce Management after the employee has completed the onboarding process.

For more information about invites, see Sending and monitoring an onboarding invitation.

MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding EAP – Improved workflow and partner access

Early access program (EAP) This section only affects MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding, a standalone onboarding solution currently available in EAP. For more information, see the MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding product page, or talk to your MYOB Advanced consultant.

We've made a number of changes to MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding to streamline the workflow and make it easier for consultants to configure and support.

  • Hiring managers can now choose an onboarding flow when sending an invite to a new hire.
  • System users can now be assigned the Partner permission role, in the same way as a full MYOB Advanced Workforce Management site

For more information about MYOB Advanced Employee Onboarding EAP, see:

What's fixed?

In certain situations, when an onboarding invitiation was resent, the optional message (from Company Settings > Onboarding) was not included.This is now fixed – The optional message will be included on resent invitations.

New pay rules taking effect from the first pay run date after the commencement date, not on the commencement date itself.

This meant that pay rule changes couldn't occur part-way through a pay run.

New pay rules now take effect on the commencement date, even during a pay run.
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