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Step Seven - Add and Edit Employees

Having set up your Allowances, Deductions, Departments, Cost Centres, etc, it is now time to add your Employees. This area is also known as the employee masterfile, because it handles identification, contact details, tax status, employment status, leave balances, personnel notes, bank accounts and a standard pay record.

Adding a New Employee

Select the Add Employee icon in Step Seven of the Payroll Setup Cycle and the Add Employee window appears.

A new employee ID number is automatically generated by the system. The ID defaults to the next number in sequence (starting from 1) but this can be overridden by typing in the number you require and pressing enter twice or clicking the Add button. (To see a list of those employees already added click List Employees.) The Employee Maintenance window appears, starting on the Employee Details tab.

If you have the Exo Employee Information module installed and candidates have been added, a Candidates button is available on the Add Employee window. Click this button to select a candidate to convert to a full employee record. (The candidate's details are copied to a new employee record - the original candidate record is not deleted.)

Editing an Employee

Select the Edit Employee icon in Step Seven of the Payroll Setup Cycle and the following window appears:

Enter the Employee Code for the employee you want to edit and press enter, or click Find to select the employee from a list. The Employee Maintenance window for the selected employee appears, starting on the Employee Details tab.

Employee Details

The Employee Maintenance window is used to edit details for new and existing employees. Employee details are divided across the following tabs:

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