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2023.1.1 Release notes

MYOB Advanced 2023.1.1 is a major update that adds a wide range of new features across the entire MYOB Advanced system.

MYOB Advanced Business top new features

These are the top features we think you'll love the most, but there are so many more great improvements in this release. For a comprehensive list of new features, see the full release notes:

Manufacturing – Improved handling of unused materials on production orders

You can now de-allocate unused materials, freeing up inventory to be used on other production orders. This significantly improves data integrity and demand planning when you run materials resource planning (MRP).

For more details, see page 117 of the full release notes.

Construction – Redesigned tracking for project-specific inventory

You can now track inventory by project without being limited to the location of that inventory.

For more details, see page 148 of the full release notes.

CRM – Delegation and reassignment of approvals

You can now delegate and reassign approvals for a predefined period, like when you go on leave. This means an organisation can keep its approval flow running smoothly even if the original approver isn't unavailable. 

For more details, see page 19 of the full release notes.

Distribution – Mixed sales order types

Streamline sales and returns with the new mixed order type, which lets you process inventory and issues from the same sales order.

For more details, see page 103 of the full release notes.

MYOB Advanced Payroll new features

Integrating with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

When we originally introduced Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) integration in version 2022.1.3, there were issues that prevented it from working with MYOB Advanced Payroll.

We've now fixed those issues, so you can integrate MYOB Advanced Payroll with Azure AD worry free. This lets you provide single sign-on (SSO) and manage users and access in one place.

For detailed steps on setting up Azure AD, see our online help pages.

Companies that use bank feeds also need a customisation to be able to integrate with Azure AD. This customisation is available on the MYOB Partner self-service portal.

Viewing and changing an employee's profile

For companies using Advanced Employee Onboarding, you can now view which employee profile was used to onboard an employee. On the Employee Onboarding Detail screen (MPATGI01), check the new Employee Profile ID and Employee Profile Description columns.

If you realise that an employee's profile isn't the best fit for them, you can also now change their profile. On the Pay Details screen (MPPP2310), use the new Apply Employee Profile option on the toolbar. This updates all of the employee's payroll settings, except for information that's unique to them – for example, pay rates for KiwiSaver or superannuation.

An issue can occur if an employee's branch changes when you apply an employee profile to them. For details on how to fix them, see Error: "'Country' cannot be empty" when applying employee profile.

Reassigning approval for Employee Self Service leave requests

If you've been incorrectly assigned as the approver for a leave request submitted through Employee Self Service, you can now assign someone else to approve or reject the request.

For more details, see Managing your team's leave.

Cancelling Employee Self Service leave requests

In MYOB Advanced Employee Self Service, you can now cancel leave requests instead of deleting them, making it easier to keep track of employees' leave.

Previously, when a leave request was deleted, there was no record of the request in MYOB Advanced, which could cause confusion. Now, when a leave request is cancelled, MYOB Advanced changes the request's status to Cancelled.

For for more information, see Cancelling or deleting a leave request.

Side panels on the employee onboarding detail screen for easier editing

You can now view and edit the Pay Details and Employees screens from the Employee Onboarding Detail screen (MPATGI01) by using the new side panels. The side panels let you do everything that you would normally do in those screens, without having to open a new web browser tab. To open the side panels, click either the Pay Details or Employees icon.


Better pay run error messages

It's now easier to figure out what's causing pay run errors on the Manage Pays, Pay Run Details and Employee's Current Pay screens. Error messages now shows the employee, pay item or entitlement that are causing the issue.

Other improvements
  • On the Pay Items screen, for entitlement accrual pay items linked to an annual leave entitlement, the Accrual Method in the Calculation tab now defaults to Full Contract. You can’t change this accrual method.

  • On the Employee's Current Pay screen, it's now clearer why the Calculated rate in the footer section is different to the Rate column in the main table. The new Rate Multiplier column shows how much the Rate column is being multiplied by to arrive at the Calculated rate.

 To display the Multiplier column, click the Column Configuration icon.

  • We've improved the wording of a warning that can appear when you open the Termination window from the Employee's Current Pay screen. It's now clearer that you need to select a default pay group for the employee on the Pay Details screen.

  • AUSTRALIA On the Superannuation Funds screen, you can now only migrate funds when no payments are being processed. This makes sure no transactions are missed in the migration.

Resolved issues

MYOB Advanced Payroll





When doing a pay run, an error could occur on the Pay Run Details screen (MPPP3120): "An item with the same key has already been added." This has been resolved. As part of the fix, you can no longer edit the Pay Group ID field on the Pay Run Details screen.

CE00037268 CE00037263


The pay rate that appeared on an employee's pay slip could be different to the pay rate on the Employee's Current Pay screen. This has been resolved.

CE00037199 CE00018929


Resolved the issue where, in limited situations, employees were being credited with more than the expected number of weeks of annual leave on the anniversary.

To resolve this, the Leave Taken in Advance value has been fixed so that it no longer takes prior year leave into account, regardless of whether the Cap accrual Per period setting is on or off.

In addition, adjustments to pays with "Normal Payment in Advance" included, no longer include the "Adjusted - Normal Payment in Advance" amount in the calculation of total accrual paid in advance.

For more information, see Reviewing your annual leave anniversaries - New Zealand.



In the Termination window, if you selected a rate other than the default winning rate on the Unused Annual Leave tab, the plus AL Current pay gross earnings amount wasn't updating correctly. This has been resolved.



In the Termination window, if you deselected the Override checkbox on the Unused Other Leave tab, the plus AL Current pay gross earnings amount wasn't updating correctly. This has been resolved.



In the Termination window, a warning message about an employee's negative earned balance was appearing when the earned balance wasn't actually negative. This has been resolved.



If you had change the date of a termination, then the Less total paid in advance value in the Termination window incorrectly excluded leave taken in the current pay. This has been resolved.



Timeout errors could occur when recalculating a pay run. This has been resolved.



If ETP tax was withheld in an adjusted pay, PAYG tax withheld totals could be incorrect in Single Touch Payroll reporting. This has been resolved.

CE00040107 CE00039882


Both Pay Super and the SAFF file were sometimes using an employee's work email address instead of their personal email address. This has been resolved. Now, the employee's personal email address is used for every employee that has provided it.

CE00038727 CE00038354 CE00040335


When an APRA superannuation fund, an error could occur even if you entered the fund's details correctly: "Error: Updating 'Super Fund' record raised at least one error. Please review the errors. There is no fund found with this ABN". This has been resolved.

CE00034987 CE00034948 CE00037422


For companies that have integrated Advanced Payroll with Advanced Workforce Management, restoring a snapshot could break the integration. This has been resolved.

You might still encounter a related issue, which can occur when copying a tenant. For more details, see the Australia only tab of the MYOB Advanced known issues page.

CE00026819 CE00026819

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