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Single Touch Payroll submission fails

When submitting your Single Touch Payroll (STP) to the ATO, you might get an error: “Submission failed. The Service returned a status code of 403 with a message [Forbidden].” This happens because the STP certificate expired on the April 6 2024.

STP submission error.png

To fix the issue, you need to delete the expired STP certificate. This also automatically activates the new STP certificate, which will let you submit STP as normal for future pays.

For any pays affected by the error, you need to manually resubmit STP to the ATO.

Deleting the expired STP certificate

Everyone in your company that uses MYOB EXO Payroll to submit STP will need to delete the expired certificate – whether they use it on different computers or log in to different accounts on the same computer.

  1. On your keyboard, hold the Windows key and press R. This opens the Run window.

  2. Use the Run window to open the certificate manager by typing certmgr.msc and clicking OK.

    Open the certificate manager using Run.png
  3. In the certificate manager’s left panel, go to Personal > Certificates.

    Go to Personal Certificates.png
  4. There are two certificates with the same name, Prod-Exo-Payroll-2023, but different dates in the Expiration Date column.
    Delete the certificate that expired on 6/04/2024.

    Delete old certificate.png

Do not delete the certificate that will expire on 12/05/2025.

After deleting the expired certificate, you need to resubmit STP for pay runs affected by the issue.

Resubmitting STP for affected pays

In MYOB EXO Payroll, you can resubmit STP data on the Pay List screen or the Single Touch Payroll Submissions screen.

Resubmitting from Pay List

  1. On the toolbar, click the Pay List icon.

    Pay list icon.png
  2. On the Pay List screen, select the pay affected by the error.

  3. Click Send to ATO.

    Resubmit to ATO from Pay List.png

Resubmitting from Single Touch Payroll Submissions

  1. From the top list of menus, go to Pay > Single Touch Payroll > Submissions.

  2. On the Single Touch Payroll Submissions screen, set the From and To fields to the date range of when pays were affected by the error.

  3. Select the affected pay.

  4. Click Send to ATO.

    Resubmit from STP Submissions.png

Need more help?

If you still get the error after deleting the expired certificate, reach out to your MYOB Partner or to MYOB support.

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