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Leave Entitlements Tab

The Leave Entitlements tab of the Employee Maintenance window contains the employee's entitlement to Annual Leave, Personal Leave, and Long Service Leave. While it is not necessary to load the data in this window before you start paying your staff, it is recommended. All future activity on this particular window will be handled automatically by the program, although a number of the fields can be maintained manually to override information. This allows the fields to be changed if the leave data is incorrect. Some figures on this window (showing in a grey background) are computer-calculated as a result of the entries made elsewhere.

These figures are separate and different from the Tax year figures.

This topic describes the standard leave entitlement management functions. MYOB Exo Payroll includes a new, enhanced leave entitlement management system. Updating to the new leave entitlement management system is a major process and cannot be reversed; for this reason, the new system is not active by default. If you would like to learn more about the new leave entitlement features and how to activate them, contact your Business Partner.

Annual/Personal/Long Service Leave

These three lines let you set up this employee's leave entitlements. The following properties are available for each leave type.

Personal Leave includes Sick Leave and Carer's Leave.

Group You can attach a Leave Group code to each employee for each leave type (Annual, Personal or Long Service). Note that it is not compulsory to assign a group - you can still enter the appropriate rules manually. However, groups are a more efficient method of assigning awards to specific employees.

To attach a Leave Group, type in the group code. If you do not know the code number, leave the field blank and press enter to open a pop-up list to select one. Once you have entered or selected a code, a message appears, offering two options:

  • From the employee's start date - This assumes that the rule is being set up for the first time for this employee. The system will look at how many months service the employee has attended and determine the appropriate number of entitlement hours for this year from the group rule. The system will insert a value in the START line of the Group Entitlement Changes window.
  • From today's date - This assumes that there is an existing rule and that it needs to be replaced with a new rule, because of a change in work situation. The system will add a new line in the Group Entitlement Changes, and preserve the old line(s). At the end of the year, the system will pro-rata each rule against the period of time for which that rule applied.

Balance The value in this field is calculated as follows:

Carry Over + Year-To-Date.

Cost Centre If you use a specific Cost Centre for annual leave, this can be entered here and will be the default when paying the leave.

Entitlement Details To review the currently established group rule, click the Details button here to open the following window:

If you have attached a Leave Group to the employee, the appropriate leave rule will be written to this window.

This window shows the leave accumulation history of the employee and also enables editing of this information.

Select a line, then edit the Entitlement Hours to change or set the employee's initial annual entitlement (in hours). A change made here will override the group rule for the current year and for the current employee. When the annual leave year rolls over, the rule will revert back to the group rule.

Entitlement Units Enter the number of units that the employee is to receive on their next entitlement date. If you are using Annual Leave Groups and the employee has been allocated to one then this field is not available, as the value will be derived from the group rule.

Balance Details When completing your initial system setup, you invariably have existing employees with leave balances to transfer to Exo Payroll. To enter these balances, click the Balance button here.

Annual Leave Balances

Personal Leave Balances

Long Service Leave Balances

Carry Over This is the balance you are carrying over from previous entitlement years.

Pre 16 August 1978 Long Service Leave only. Accruals prior to 16 August 1976 that have not yet been taken by the employee. If you are new to this system it is important to load any entitlements still owing, from your previous records.

16 August 1978 to 17 August 1993 Long Service Leave only. Accruals between 16 August 1976 and 17 August 1993 that have not yet been taken by the employee. If you are new to this system it is important to load any entitlements still owing from your previous records.

Post 17 August 1993 Long Service Leave only. Accruals after 17 August 1993 have not yet been taken by the employee. If you are new to this system it is important to load any entitlements still owing, from your previous records.

Carry Over This is the balance carried over from previous entitlement years.

Current Accrual Hours amassed since the start of the accrual period, to which the employee will be entitled upon the next rollover. This field is automatically calculated by the Payroll.

Less Accrued Taken Hours of leave paid in advance.

Total Hours This is the total hours the employee is entitled to. When transferring balances from your previous payroll system, you will most likely need to adjust the Total Hours. Do this by entering a positive value to increase or a negative value to decrease it in the Carry Over field.

Entitlement Date Long Service Leave only. This is the date on which the employee becomes eligible for Long Service Leave. This field is read-only if the employee belongs to a Long Service Leave group; it can only be edited if the employee does not belong to a group.

Click Save to commit the change or Cancel to discard the change.

Other Settings

Edit History Hours Paid Because leave is accrued on the employee's actual hours, it is important that the hours recorded for each pay are correct. If you found that you have made a mistake in a previous pay, you can correct it in this window.

To correct hours paid:

  1. Locate the pay with the wrong number of hours paid.

  2. Overwrite the value in the Hour Paid field with the correct number of hours.

  3. Click on the Save button or press F10.

You can click Copy to copy all data on the window to the clipboard, so that it can be pasted into an external application, such as a spreadsheet. If Microsoft Excel is installed, the Copy button is replaced by an Export button, which outputs the data to a Microsoft Excel file in the .XLSX format.

Entitled to Leave Loading at Most permanent employees are entitled to a leave loading. This is an extra percentage of the annual leave payment, paid in surplus to the leave payment itself, in order to offset the expected loss of overtime/incentives that the employee will experience while they are away from work. If the employee has been awarded leave loading, enter the percentage rate here, e.g. 17.50 for 17.5%. When paying outstanding annual leave, the value of the annual leave taken will be increased by the percentage stated in this window. If the employee belongs to an Annual Leave Group, this field is disabled, and displays the percentage set for the group.

Days of sick leave without medical certificate This is a placeholder for the number of sick days taken by the employee, for which the payroll clerk did not sight a medical certificate. This figure is loaded into the Leave Management section of the Current Pay window, during the pay run.

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