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MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.5 February 2023

What's new?

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management 9.5 adds features including improvements to user access control and employee onboarding.

Restrict leave types on leave applications

To make requesting time off easier, we've made it so that users can only submit leave requests for leave types they are eligible. Previously, leave type restrictions in leave rules did not affect the leave types available on requests.

Note that an application looks at the leave rules version in effect on the dates the leave request is submitted for.

For more information, see Managing available leave types using leave entitlements.

Improvements to employee onboarding

Based on user feedback that some features weren't working quite how they'd expect, we've made some improvements to the new employee onboarding features.

  • Managers can now view onboarding documents after the employee is onboarded.
  • When completing their onboarding form, employees can now move past the superannuation step without selecting a super fund.
  • When an employee completes their onboarding form, their email notification now includes their timeclock PIN.

For more information on employee onboarding, see:

Automatically assign permission groups to new employees based on their position

To make it easier to manage user access consistently, you can now automatically assign new employees' permission groups based on their position.

Once you have associated a permission group with a position it will be automatically selected when inviting or adding a new employee. The permission group can still be changed once the new employee has been added to the system – it is only locked while the employee is being onboarded.

For more information, see:

Control access to sensitive documents

When adding a document to an employee record, you can now choose to mark it as sensitive.

Sensitive documents can only be added or viewed by users with Manager with Payroll, Administrator, Super and Partner access.

For more information, see Adding documents and notes to employee records.

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