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Managing available leave types using leave entitlements

Leave entitlements let you control which leave types are available to your employees, to make it easier for them to choose the right one when requesting time off.

To manage leave rules, go to Management > Settings > Leave Entitlements. Leave entitlements are associated with leave types and employees, and can have versions configured to apply to certain date ranges. The effective dates of each version determine when it applies.

Error: The selected leave type is not available to the employee for the provided date range This error displays if you change a leave entitlement in a way that clashes with a pending leave request. It can be caused by a changed effective date, a change in the leave entitlement assigned to the employee, or because a leave type is no longer available.

Creating or editing a leave entitlement

A leave rule consists of one or move leave rule versions, each of which can make different leave types available.

  1. Go to Management > Settings > Leave Entitlements.
  2. To start creating a new rule, click Add Leave Entitlement
    . The Leave entitlement window opens.
  3. Enter a Name and Description, and choose a Service Type if needed.
  4. Click Save. The new rule appears in the table.
    To change these details later, click the Edit
    button in the Actions column.
  5. Click View
    in the Actions column to open the Versions screen.
  6. To add a version, click Add New
    . The Add leave entitlement version panel opens.
  7. Enter a Name and Description for the rule version and select the Effective From date.
  8. Click Add to save the version. The new leave entitlement version appears in the table.
    To change these details later, click the Edit
    button in the Actions column.

  9. To add leave types to the version, click View
    in the Actions column. The Leave Types panel appears.
  10. Click Add New
    .The Add Leave Type panel appears.
  11. Select the leave type to make available to employees using this leave rule, and click Add.
  12. Click Add to save the leave type to the leave rule version.
  13. The leave type will appear in the table.
  14. Repeat step 11 until you've added all the leave types you want to make available to employees using this leave entitlement.
Assigning a leave entitlement to an employee

Once your leave rules are set up, you can assign them to your employees.

  1. Go to Management > Employees.
  2. Open the Finance and Payroll tab.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select the appropriate rule from the Leave entitlement drop-down menu.
  5. Click Update Employee to save the change.

To check the leave entitlement is assigned and set up correctly, go to the Leave and Availability tab, click Add leave request

, and check the Type drop-down menu for the appropriate leave types.

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