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Integrating with MYOB Advanced Payroll

Integrating MYOB Advanced Workforce Management with MYOB Advanced Payroll means you can:

This page explains the setup in Advanced Workforce Management, but there is also some setup needed in Enabling the Workforce Management integration feature.

Synchronising employee records

After you synchronise employee records, the Contacts tab disappears when WFM is enabled. Don't worry about it – contacts will be handled in Workforce Management.

If you are integrating Advanced Workforce Management with an existing Advanced Payroll site, you can export employees from the Advanced Payroll system via an export scenario and import them into Advanced Workforce Management from the Settings > Importers > Import Employees screen. See Importing employees via Excel/CSV for information on the import file specification.

For Australian companies, the export file contains visible TFN numbers for the exported employees. It is important that you are aware of your obligations for handling sensitive employee information in Australia and that you have a process for the data transfer that ensures you meet these obligations. See “Privacy (Tax File Number) Rule 2015” on the Federal Register of Legislation website for more information.

For New Zealand companies, the Default KiwiSaver employer contribution must be set in Advanced Workforce Management at Management > Settings > Company Settings before new employees can be synchronised with Advanced Payroll.

Integrating Timesheet Data

To import timesheet data from Advanced Workforce Management into Advanced Payroll, records in Advanced Workforce Management must be set up with data that maps them to records in Advanced Payroll. For more information on data mapping, see the MYOB Advanced - Importing Timesheets.pdf white paper.




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