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Importing timesheets

MYOB Advanced Payroll can import timesheets generated from Advanced Workforce Management, employee time cards entered in MYOB Advanced, and external timesheet systems not provided by MYOB. When you import timesheet data into a pay run, pay items based on the timesheet data are created or updated automatically.

Where payroll expenses are allocated to projects of GL accounts, allocation information can be imported from timesheets or MYOB Advanced time cards, for employees who are configured for time-based payroll allocations.

Setting up for timesheet imports

Importing timesheets

When it's time to do a pay run, importing timesheets is a two-step process:

  1. Prepare a batch of timesheet records – Some of these steps differ depending on your timesheeting system.
  2. Import a timesheet batch into a pay run.

Editing timesheets and data maps

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