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How do I terminate an employee?

See How do I reinstate a terminated employee? for information on reinstating terminated employees.

Only a Manager with Payroll or higher access can terminate an employee. To do this:

  1. On the dashboard, go to Management > Employees.

  2. Edit the record of the employee you want to terminate and go to the Settings screen:

  3. Click Terminate Employee to open the Terminate Employee window:

  4. Enter the notice date, final date of employment and notice period provided, then click Next.

  5. Enter the details of the termination:

    • Reason - Enter the reason for terminating the employee.

    • Exit Notes - Enter any additional details about the termination

    • Employee Resignation - Tick this box if the employee is being terminated due to resignation.

    • Re-employable - If this box is ticked, it will be possible to reinstate the employee at any time up until their final date of employment - see How do I reinstate a terminated employee?

    • Unassign shifts - Select whether the employee's shifts that are dated after the employee's final date of employment should be unassigned (so they can be assigned to another employee) or deleted.

      Shifts are unassigned or deleted as soon as you complete the Terminate Employee window.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click Browse to find and upload any supporting documentation, e.g. a letter of resignation. Click Add document to upload additional documents. Once you have added all documents, click Next.

  8. Review the termination details, then click Terminate Employee.

  9. Click OK on the confirmation message that appears.

Once the Termination Window has been completed, the employee will appear on the Terminated Employees Report.

The termination process will start the day following the employee's last day of employment. (If the termination date is today, the system will process the termination by the next hour.)

Terminating an employee has the following effects:

  • The employee can log in to their account with read-only access, so they can download payslips or anything else they may need.

  • The employee is unable to clock in.

  • The employee's location access is changed to "Terminated".

  • The employee cannot accept shift requests.

  • The employee cannot submit leave requests.

    • Any pending and approved leave requests are deleted.

    • Any associated timecards for those future leave requests are also deleted.

    • Historic leave remains in the system, but the employee will not be shown on the leave request page after termination date.

  • Future timesheets are deleted.

  • No notifications will be sent to the terminated employee.

  • Terminated employees will be moved to the "Unrosterable" employee table.

If MYOB Workforce Management is Integrating with MYOB Advanced Payroll, you will need to process the employee's termination separately in Advanced Payroll.

Once the termination has been processed, it will not be able to reinstate the employee - if the employee is re-employed, they will need to be processed as a brand new employee.

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