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How do I add a licence or training document to an employee's profile?

Why can't I see the Requirements & Qualifications tab?

The following default permission groups have access to the Requirements & Qualifications tab:

  • Manager with Payroll

  • Administrator

If you can't see this tab, talk to your administrator about being added to one of these groups, or a custom permission group with the right access.


As a Manager, you have the ability to add documents to your employees' Requirements & Qualifications tab. You can add completed certificates, licences, courses or qualifications which are relevant to their role on behalf of them.

  1. From your dashboard, select Management > Employees.

  2. Select the staff member from the staff list and click edit under the Actions column.

  3. Select the Requirements & Qualifications  tab, then click +. The Employee Requirement window opens:

  4. Ensure you fill in all fields:

    • Select the type of qualification from the Requirement drop-down box. Specific qualifications and licenses have been setup by your company.

    • You will then need to add the Qualification Name, Reference, State of Issue, Expiry date and then upload Evidence.

  5. Click Save.

Qualification Name & Expired Requirements report

The Requirement type is not visible on the Expired Requirements report. Make sure you set the Qualification Name to something meaningful like "Red Cross First Aid Certificate", "Forklift Licence" or "RSA" so that the Requirements report is easy to use.

If you upload a qualification and can’t see it onwards, check with your system administrator if you’ve got access to view that requirement type. It’s possible to set up requirements so only some staff can view that particular requirement.

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