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How do I add a qualification to my profile?

Under your Personal Profile you can add a qualification or requirement on your Requirements and Qualifications tab. You can add completed certificates, licenses, courses or qualifications which are relevant to your role.

  1. From your dashboard, select My Profile, then Licences & Training
  2. Click the + button and fill in all fields:

    • Select the type of requirement from the drop-down box. Specific qualifications and licenses have been set up by your company.
    • You will then need to add the specific details:
      • Qualification Name should be the name of the qualification,example "Duty Managers Certificate", "RSA" "First Aid Certificate Level 2"
      • Reference should be the ID number of the qualification, or other identifying information.
      • Issuer should be either the state of issue, or the issuing authority.
      • Expiry date 
      • Upload Evidence of the qualification (a PDF or picture of the licence itself).
    • Click Save.



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