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Creating shift requirements

Shift requirements help you make sure you only fill shifts with employees that have the necessary qualifications or licenses to perform the required duties. This could include first-aid certificates and drivers licenses as well as less formal requirements like being trained on the deli counter.

To set up shift requirements, you need to create the requirements, add them to qualified employees, and then specify which shifts they're needed for.

Creating a shift requirement
  1. Go to Management > Settings > Requirements.
  2. Click Add new. The Add Requirement window opens.
  3. Enter a Name and Abbreviation. These are required fields.
  4. If the requirement is sensitive information, click Add Permission Group to select which employees have access to view it.
  5. Select an icon to display on the roster against shifts staffed by employees with that requirement.
  6. Select Expires if the requirement needs to be periodically refreshed. You'll need to enter an expiration date when adding it to an employee.
  7. Select Requires evidence if you need the employee to provide paperwork to show they meet the requirement. You'll need to upload a document when adding is to an employee.
  8. Click Save.



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