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Ace Payroll interfaces with Inland Revenue's ir-File service, so you can keep track of your taxes in and file them easily.

From 1 April 2019, employers must report employee info to the IRD every payday via payday filing instead of filing an IR348. All information in the Ace Payroll help relating to the IR348 applies before 1 April 2019.

Payday filing

Payday filing is a new way of reporting employee pay details to the IRD. Instead of sending an Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348) every month, under payday filing you generate and upload an Employment Information (EI) return file for every pay run. Information about new and departing employees in the pay is also sent to the IRD in an Employee Details file.


ESCT is short for Employer Superannuation Contributions Tax, and is a withholding tax on the superannuation payments an employer makes on behalf of an employee.

Combine multiple Employer Monthly SchedulesSome employers choose to keep their executive payroll and their main payroll separate. Because you can only lodge one Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348) with Inland Revenue, you will need to amalgamate (combine) the files before you submit them.
Correct an IR348 errorCorrect ir-File errors in Ace Payroll before you file your forms, or correct them manually if you have already submitted you forms.
Create an earnings certificate

Earnings Certificates provide your employees with a record of their earnings, tax payments and deductions for the financial year selected.

Exclude an employee from the IR348 Employer Monthly Schedule

If you do not deduct tax from an employee, contractor or company, you must exclude them from the IR348.

IR348 FAQsFrequently asked questions about the IR348.
Create and file returns with myIRThis page explains how to create both the IR348 (Employer Monthly Returns) and the IR345 (Employer Deductions) tax forms, and send them to Inland Revenue using the ir-File.
Monthly payment and reporting to Inland RevenueEvery month you must pay your employer deductions, and file your employment records.
Overwrite PAYE deductionsHow to overwrite either a current or a default PAYE deductions.
Payroll givingPayroll Giving is a process that allows staff to make charitable donations on a regular basis through their employer’s payroll.
Tax code entryHow to set a tax code for an employee.
Filing with Inland Revenue and using direct credits on an Apple MacTips for using ir-File on an Apple.
Tax bills and refundsUnder New Zealand's current tax system it is almost inevitable there will be a tax bill or refund at the end of each financial year, but this does not mean your tax has been calculated incorrectly.
C-Series, paper filing, and your tax returnFrom April 17 2018 C-Series (paper-based, computer generated) reporting won’t be accepted by Inland Revenue. 





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