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Ace Payroll has over forty different reports to help you keep track of your business and payroll. All of the reports are designed to be printed onto plain A4 paper, so you don't need any special stationery.

To open the Report Index and view a full list of reports, press the F4 key from anywhere in Ace Payroll.

To email a report you will need to save it as a PDF file.

If you file a pay by mistake you can   delete a transaction from all reports - but this does not unfile the pay, it just stops it from showing on reports. To unfile a pay you will need to restore a backup from before you filed the pay.

Printed reports not fitting on the page?

If information "falls off" a report, it's usually because of the font size.

To change browser font size, go to the Utilities menu > Diagnostic > GO > Browser Font Scaling

The higher the number, the smaller the font. Recommended size is 130.

KiwiSaver Contributions Report

A summary of KiwiSaver:

  • employee and employer contributions

  • employer superannuation contributions tax (ESCT)

  • reversals and refunds.

Leave Owing reportAn estimate of holiday pay owing to all staff at a selected date

Hours Worked report

A customized report on hours worked by employees.
One Off ReportShows the gross, tax, student loan, and nett pay, along with with total deductions and after-tax extras paid to your employees.
Payment Reconciliation ReportShows how the total nett amount for the current unfiled regular pay is paid out to employees.
Regular Payslips ReportA summary of payslips to be produced and distributed.
save it as a PDF file0Provides an audit trail of changes made in Ace Payroll, including employee notes, employee changes and system changes.
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