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Allowances and deductions

Ace Payroll handles an almost unlimited number of allowances and deductions. This function combined with the Pay Rate Structure fully handles the structure of any organisation.

Allowances are especially useful in organisations where piece rates exist for certain work types, such as $5.50 for each box of apples picked.

Deductions are useful when an employer is asked to deduct an amount for a third party, such as the Ministry of Justice, WINZ, or the IRD.

Create a new allowance or deductionCreate a new allowance or deduction which you can link to an employee or group.
Set or adjust a child support paymentSet a child support payment, or adjust an existing child support payment using a variation code.
Process a court fine deductionSet a court fine deduction to be taken from an employee's pay.
Deducting overpaid wages or employee debtAdvise on when you can and cannot deduct money from an employee's pay.
Set up direct credits for deductionsLink a deduction to a bank account for automatic payment by direct credit each pay period.
IRD arrears deductionsHow to pay a deduction that Inland Revenue has instructed you to make.
Link an allowance or deduction to a groupWhen an allowance or deduction needs to be applied to multiple people, you can link them as a group.
Link an allowance or deduction to an employeeLink an allowance to an employee so that you can process it through your regular payroll, or set it to process automatically.
Make extra repayments on student loansEmployees may choose to make extra contributions to their student loan debt. You can set this up at their request.
Reducing balance deductionsSet a finite balance to be paid in part each pay period, until the balance reaches zero.
Set or adjust a child support payment0Sometimes you will need to pay GST to a worker. Here's how to set up a correct GST allowance.
Set or adjust a child support payment1Set a WINZ deduction to be taken from an employee's pay.
Set or adjust a child support payment2Employees are entitled to keep 60% of their net pay after PAYE, child support, and court fines are deducted.





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