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Create a new allowance or deduction

To add a new allowance or deduction to your organisation
  1. From the front screen click Allowances, then Add A New Allowance.

  2. Click Description to give the allowance or deduction a name, for example 'GST' or 'Cellphone allowance'. This name will appear on payslips.

  3. Click the blue text in the Calculation Method field. Click a method, then click Go.

  4. Set the Tax Status. Allowances or deductions always fit one of the following categories
    • a taxable allowance increases an employee's gross pay and may include things like service allowances.
    • a deduction is taken from an employee's after tax income and may include union fees, social club, etc.
    • a non taxable allowance is generally of a reimbursing nature such as tool money, meal money etc and are not subject to tax.
    • a reimbursing allowance is exactly the same as a non taxable allowance only it does not show on tax forms.

  5. If the Tax Status is Taxable, click the blue text in Gross Earnings for Leave Calculation. Select whether or not the allowance should be included in employees' gross earnings for the calculation of the Average Weekly Earnings and/or Ordinary Weekly Pay rates for holiday pay, then click Go.

  6. Click OK.

    The allowance or deduction is now loaded to your organisation, and available for linking to required employees.





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