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Setting up a deduction


Here's what we'll cover in this support note:

  1. Set up a deduction pay code
  2. Set up the deduction

The example we'll use is setting up a payroll deduction for an employee's social club dues.


To set up a deduction pay code
  1. Go to the Maintenance command centre and click Maintain Pay Codes.
  2. Click New.
  3. For the Pay Code Type, select Post-Tax Deduction, and enter a suitable Pay Code and Pay Code Description.
  4. Click OK.
  5. On the General tab, enter the Default Pay Rate for the deduction. In our example this is $4 for Social Club fees, so we'll enter 4.00000.
  6. Select one of the following options:
    1. If the default pay rate applies to all employees, select the option This rate is common to all employees.
    2. If you want to specify a different deduction rate for some (or all) employees when entering pay details, select the option Allow rate to be modified when entering pay details.
  7. [Optional] To make the deduction part of your bank schedule (so it gets paid when your employees get paid):
    1. Click the Other tab and select the option Include in Direct Credit Schedule
    2. Enter the applicable bank account details
  8. Click Close.
Be aware if you need to protect any earnings, you will need to do this manually unless you are using the court fines pay code.
To set up the deduction
  1. Go to the Maintenance command centre and click Maintain Employees.
  2. Click Select Employee.
  3. Click the employee who is to make the deduction payments then click OK.
  4. Click the Pay Defaults/Totals tab.
  5. Click New.
  6. Click to select the deduction Pay Code created in the previous task, then click OK.
    The Pay Code is now listed for the employee
  7. In the Quantity column for the deduction Pay Code, enter 1.00.
  8. Leave the Type set to Variable. Here's our example:
  9. Click Close
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