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STP Errors

If you send incorrect STP information to the ATO, they will supply an error to let you know what went wrong. This page has a list of those errors with what causes them and what you need to do to fix them.




CMN.ATO.PAYEVNT.EM14160 - The ATO has rejected the full file replacement of the pay.  Please contact the ATO in order to resolve this issue.

This occurs when a pay has been submitted more than twice. Due to multiple rollbacks.

The ATO will only accept the initial submission and one subsequent.

You will need to contact the ATO for assistance.

STP V4 Start date added but still reporting under Version 3

Internal Company period code and STP start date v4 field are required to be selected.


For your STP Reporting to be updated to report on Version 4, go to Organisation > General Periods > Periods > Details tab, select the relevant internal company code in the Internal Company field.

Then go to Internal Companies > Details tab, ensure a relevant date is entered in the STP start date v4 field.

CMN.ATO.GEN.000009Postcode is required for an Australian address.
  1. Check the employee has a postcode on their Post and/or Residential tab

  2. Make sure the Country code on the Employee’s address tab(s) is “AU” not AUS.  If this is set to AUS, you will need to add a new Country code into the Country Table (Employee Details / Human Resources / Countries) as “AU” and attach it to all employees.  You also may need to attach it to the Internal Company.


Address details Country C

A WHM employee is missing a Country Code

Add the correct ISO Country Code to all WHM employees in their Tax tab under Prior Tax Country. (Alpha2 code)

For more information, see STP finalisation error: ...Country Code must be provided...


Cessation Reason Code must be provided when Payee Cessation Date is also provided.

Cessation Reason is missing from the Termination Reasons in PayGlobalUpdate the Cessation Reason in each record under Organisation > Common Reasons > Termination Reasons.

CMN.ATO.GEN.XML03 /tns:PAYEVNT /tns:Rp /tns:ElectronicContact /tns:ElectronicMailAddressT

Email address wrong or missing from the Internal Company record.

Add an email address in the internal company that the STP submission was for.

A field contains non invalid data (such as letters in numeric or date field)

Usually caused by a negative year-to-date amount. The ATO does not accept these.

Correct the negative quantity using a manual reversing pay, then re-finalise STP.

For more information, see STP finalisation error: CMN.ATO.GEN.XML003 - A field contains invalid data.

Email address contains invalid text

Invalid text such as spaces, commas, or other characters that the ATO does not accept.

Check the employees email address and remove any spaces and other invalid characters.

Payee Cessation Date must be provided

The Termination Reason has been populated by the ESS cessation module but the Termination Date has not.

This issue is fixed in

To resolve the issue, install the latest release or wait until after the payment date to send your STP information.

The Run / Date time stamp cannot be later than the time message received in the channel

An issue in the software is preventing STP being sent before the Payment Date on the pay sequence.

This issue is fixed in

To resolve the issue, install the latest release or wait until after the payment date to send your STP information.

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