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STP finalisation error: ...Country Code must be provided...

If you have employees who used to be working holiday makers (WHMs) who have since started reporting their incomes as salary and wages (SAW) then you may get the following error:

CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000358 - Country Code must be provided - When the Pay/Update Date is after 30/6/2020, Country Code must be provided when the Income Stream Type Code is one of the following: FEI, WHM, or IAA".

This occurs because they are missing a prior tax country code, and under the latest STP reporting system, this must be reported even though they are no longer a WHM. This is tricky to resolve in MYOB PayGlobal, as the relevant field isn't available to employees reporting income as SAW.

For detailed information on setting up the Tax tab for WHMs and inbound asignees to Australia (IAAs), see Employees - Tax (Aus) in the MYOB PayGlobal online manual.

To fix the country code must be provided STP error

To fix this issue, you'll need to temporarily change the employee to the IAA tax status so you can add the tax code.

  1. Go to the relevant employee record.
  2. Open the Tax tab.
  3. Select Yes for Inbound Assignee. The Prior Tax Country field will become available.
  4. Enter the appropriate Prior Tax Country code.
  5. Change Inbound Assignee back to No.
  6. Save the employee record.

You can now try to finalise STP again.

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