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Known issue 2013.01: Individual non-business report uploaded to MyStaffInfo contains all employees in the report (Australia)

The following issue has been identified and replicated by MYOB Support in the Australian release of Exo Employer Services version 2013.01.


Support have confirmed that in the Exo ES version 2013.01 any Payment Summary reports (including Individual Non-Business and ETP) that are uploaded to MyStaffInfo will contain the data of ALL employee.


Install the latest version of the MSI console (2013.01), this can be done from within the MSI console by clicking the 'Check for product updates when application starts' option, or by downloading the console upgrade file from the support knowledge base. After upgrading the MSI console the reports will upload correctly.

If any reports have been uploaded that contain all employees please contact your support partner immediately to have the reports deleted from the website. Also uncheck the View Reports option for all employees in the MyStaffInfo security section.


Install the latest version of the MyStaffInfo console. Click here for the download link.

Need more help? You can open the online help by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in your software.

You can also find more help resources on the MYOB Exo Employer Services Education Centre for Australia or New Zealand.

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