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The Time and Attendance Toolbar

The following icons are available in the toolbar of the main Exo Time and Attendance interface:





This is used to add a new employee into Exo Time and Attendance, or to edit an employee for such changes as reassigning card numbers, costing or allowances.

Notes (F12)

This will take you to the selected employee's personnel Notes screen. This screen can also be accessed via the F12 key.

Poll Timeclocks

Upload the clockings stored in the timeclock or bar wand base station, and import into the Maintain Times screen for review and maintenance.

Maintain Times

Add holiday and sick exceptions for employees who did not attend, validate days in which the employee forgot to clock in or out, in general make the times 100% accurate to what was worked.

Pay Period Times

Use the daily rules, weekly group rules and allowance rules to assign ordinary time, over Exo Time and Attendance-based allowances. Make any last minute changes to employees' times.

Print Report

This takes you to the list of available reports.

Post to Payroll

You have the ability to post wages, allowances and leave to an export file which can be imported into Payroll, thus paying your employees for their attendance.


This allows you to back up your data at any time to either a floppy disk or your hard drive.


This is a focal point for accessing your masterfiles from anywhere in the system via the F2 function key.

Setup Exo Time and Attendance

Contains the companies' details and several control settings such as your rate types, costing structure, and swipe card prefix.

The Time Cycle

This is used to access the Time Cycle when processing a pay period. The Time Cycle can be selected from the Toolbar or the Help Menu.


This is a form of daily planner, from which you are able to enter comments on any given day, for appointments and reminders. You can scroll through the calendar months with the left and right arrow buttons.

Help Topics

This provides you with extensive screen sensitive and general help relating to the setting up and the running of your Exo Time and Attendance. Help can also be accessed anywhere in the program by pressing F1.

Show Items

Opens a window showing all available toolbar icons, where you can choose which icons to display and which to hide.


Takes you out of Exo Time and Attendance and returns you to the Windows desktop. You will be asked if you want to back up the database before exiting.

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