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Standard Pay - PAYG

There is a provision in the Standard Pay to override the PAYG calculated by Exo Payroll to meet any special needs of the employee. This function is not normally used.

Click the PAYG button on the left of the Standard Pay tab to open the PAYG window:

Override PAYG Click this checkbox to turn the override on.

Adjust by Last Pay This option is only available in a One-Off Pay. If this option is disabled (the default setting), the One-Off gross taxable earnings will be taxed according to the appropriate tax tables for that employee's tax code and pay frequency.

If this option is enabled, the gross taxable earnings for the last 2 pays (inclusive of the One-Off Pay and previous Current Pay) are combined. Then, Exo Payroll ascertains the correct amount of PAYG on the combined gross earnings. The combined PAYG is then subtracted from the current pay PAYG, with the remainder of PAYG to pay being declared as the One-Off Pay PAYG.

You would enable this option if you are doing a correction for a previous current pay period, usually in the case of an underpayment, and you want the one off pay earnings taxed as if it were paid in the last current pay.

Total PAYG Deduction Enter the amount to deduct. This field is only available if you selected the Override PAYG option.

Includes Student Loan Repayment If the employee is on a student loan repayment scheme, you can also enter a student loan repayment amount when the Override PAYG option is selected.

Includes Medicare Levy Adjustment (Reduction)  If an employee's taxable income is below a certain threshold, they pay a smaller Medicare levy amount. This is calculated based on the option you've selected on the employee card by clicking on the Medicare levy Variation button.

Includes Medicare Levy Surcharge  If you have to pay the Medicare levy, you might have to pay the medicare levy surcharge (MLS) for an employee that earns above a certain income. This is calculated based on the option you've selected on the employee card by clicking the Medicare levy Variation button.

Click Save or press F10 to save and return to the Standard Pay window.

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