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Rate Types

The Rate Types section of the Exo Time and Attendance Setup window lets you set up the rate types and descriptions that specify how employees will be paid, as a multiplier of their hourly rate. If you pay overtime rates or have alternate rates of pay for different jobs these will need to be set-up here.

If you post to a Payroll, these rate types should form a matching link to structures set up in your Payroll. Changes made to Time and Attendance rate types need to be applied to payroll rate types, and vice versa.

Click Add to add another rate type, or Edit to edit an existing type.

Num An identification number for the type. For new types, this defaults to the next number in the list.

Description Enter a descriptive name for this rate type.

Short name Enter a short description to be used as a field description elsewhere in the Exo Time and Attendance system.

Code1 Enter the number of the Payroll Rate Type that will apply i.e. Ordinary is normally 1, Time & Half is normally 2 (refer your Payroll set-up screen if unsure).

Code2 If you are using a single hourly rate in the Payroll enter 1. If you have multiple Hourly Rates in you Payroll enter the Hourly Rate number that will apply i.e. 1 for first , 2 for second etc.

Code3 Only applies to IMS Payroll.

Ordinary Time Tick this box if hours paid under this Rate Type will be used as "Ordinary" for allowances calculated by the hour. If the box is not ticked, the Rate Type will be used as Overtime.

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