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The Polling section of the Exo Time and Attendance Setup window contains settings that affect polling operations.

Cost centre for invalid cost centres This field is only used by sites that are using Exo Time and Attendance for Job Costing and is used as a Default Cost Centre code against which Exo Time and Attendance will allocate any Clocking where the Job Number entered at the clock was not a valid Job Number. This will then be highlighted on the Costing Report and the Employees Maintain Times screen.

Data duplication limit (minutes) In order for an Employee to be sure that they have Clocked In or Out, Exo Time and Attendance has been designed to allow the Employee to swipe their card a number of times without Time and Attendance assuming that they are actually clocking in and out each time. The length of time between swipes that Exo Time and Attendance will ignore consecutive swipes is set with this field. Normally we would specify 5 minutes. This way if the Employee is not sure whether they clocked correctly they can swipe again without upsetting the system.

Default polling date Choose from:

  • Yesterday - If you intend to pay employees for shifts that have been clocked at times up to, but not past, the midnight that immediately precedes the pay period end date, leave this value set to Yesterday.

  • Today - If you intend to pay employees for shifts that have been clocked at times up to the exact time that the clock is polled, which is normally the morning of the pay run, set this value to Today. In other words, this setting is favourable when there are night shifts involved, and those shifts end on pay day. You will need to ensure that you poll the timeclocks after the shift ends, so as to capture a valid set of in and out times for that shift.

Roster variance warning limit Exo Time and Attendance can warn you when an employee has clocked a time outside their Rostered Shift Start or Finish. This warning is noted on the Daily Attendance report. For different companies, the degree to which employees' clocked times can be outside the norm before they wish to be advised will vary. Depending on your requirements, you can set a limit in minutes and any clocked times outside Shift Start or Finish by greater than this limit will be flagged.

Pay Period Status These fields are used to determine the pay frequencies you are using and the pay period end date that will apply to each. Once this date has been set the first time, it is not normally changed, as Exo Time and Attendance will automatically roll this date forward to the next period end date at the end of each pay period.

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