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Setting up standard and contracted hours for an employee

There are two ways to set up regular hours in MYOB Advanced Workforce Management – contracted hours and standard hours:

  • Standard hours specifies the days and times that an employee works, including employees' shift start and end times and break times.
  • Contracted hours is an optional setting that sets the maximum hours an employee can work, according to their contract.

To update company-wide standard hours, see How to update the Default Standard Hours.

Pre-approved leave will be updated if there is a change to standard hours. For example, if an employee's standard hours are typically Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, but it changed to Wednesday-Sunday (3 PM to 11 PM), the pre-approved upcoming leave would be updated into the new standard hours. This does not apply to temporary variations.

Adding standard and contracted hours to an employee
  1. Go to ManagementEmployees.

  2. Choose an employee.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Click Roster, Time and Attendance.

  5. Click Add standard hours.
  6. Enter Standard hours commencement date – the date from which these standard hours apply (i.e. the first week the employee will be rostered on).
  7. Check Add these standard hours to roster to enable the functionality to automatically add an employee's standard hours to the roster when building a roster.
  8. Check Lock the roster to these standard hours for employees with set hours. This will then trigger a request to the employee if they are rostered on outside these hours. From there, they can then choose to accept or decline the shift.
  9. Enter the Contracted hours (i.e. the number of hours an employee is contracted to work)
  10. Enter the employee's Standard hours. Note: total Standard hours must match or exceed the total Contracted hours specified.
    • Day of week
    • Location
    • Position
    • Shift time
    • Break time
  11. Click Add week to add additional weeks as required.
    • You can add standard hours for up to four weeks.
    • When adding weeks, make sure the Contracted hours value is equal to the total number of hours for the entire standard hours period.
  12. Ensure Week 1 corresponds with the Commencement date.
  13. Click Save standard hours

    Once saved, open the standard hours again by clicking on the new new standard hours that have been created.


To set up alerts, see Managing alerts.

Standard hours

When an employee's standard hours are changed, they will receive a notification, and a popup will alert their manager to the change to their usual pattern. This helps ensure compliance when an employee's standard shift pattern is changed and the manager and employee need to be notified.

Contracted hours

If a roster is built that exceeds an employee's contracted hours, an alert will appear on applicable shifts in the roster. This alert can be switched on/off or be made a blocker or just a warning.

Managers should be aware that overtime fees may apply, and that the contract is being breached. They can choose to reduce the employee's hours or delete the shift accordingly.

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